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Things We Do

Season 1 – Cookie Man

Content Set 1

Blocks – MAKE a block man or woman.

  • Look at the blocks.
  • Use your fingers to put blocks together. 
  • Listen to songs.
  • Make and talk about making block people.

Content Set 2

Songs – SING “Head and Shoulders.”. 

  • Point and name body parts with the song.
  • Do actions with the body.
  • Say, “Nose to knees.”
  • Ask, “Can you do it?”

Content Set 3

Images and text – NAME the pictures.

  • Look and find using “Search and Find” books.
  • Look and act using A to Z words
  • Look and find using a Bingo game.

Content Set 4

Outside – PLAY “Catch Me If You Can.” ACT it out. 

  • Go outside.
  • Play Tag  “How are you? I am hungry. I want to eat you.”
  • Jump off the stairs.

Content Set 5

Games – PLAY Subway Surf.

  • Open Subway Surf.
  • Play Subway Surf. 
  • Take turns.
  • Act it out on a mat.

Content Set 6

Tools – COLOR Animals 

  • Name the animals (A to Z).
  • Sort the animals (A to Z).
  • Color animal pictures.

Content Set 7

Equipment – JUMP 10 times.

  • Play Hoppers.
  • Play “Tower of Hanoi.”
  • Use a jump rope.
  • Jump from chair to chair.

Content Set 8

Body – BE fast and slow.

  • Do cup stacking 3 – 3 -3
  • Running here to there.
  • Play “Sorry”.

Content Set 9 

Body – PLAY with actions.

  • Play with actions through physical challenges
  • Ask and answer,  “Can you jump/roll?”
  • Show and tell “I can do this.”


1. Make a block man or woman.

Language in Use:

  • Blocks. These are blocks.
  • A red block. A blue block.
  • There are many colors.
  • I like the blue blocks.
  • Let’s make a man, woman, boy, girl.
  • Help me.
  • Ow. My finger. ouch.
  • Look! head, eyes, mouth.
  • Hello. Hi.
  • How are you? I am happy.
  • Don’t eat me. Run away!

2. Sing “Head and Shoulders.”

Language in Use:

  • Are you ready?
  • 3,2,1 Head, Shoulder, knees and toes.
  • 1 more time. But don’t say head. ***, shoulders, knees and toes.
  • Ok. Now, let’s stretch. 
  • Nose to your knee. Like this.
  • Can you you do it?
  • Wow! Good job!
  • Ouch My back. I can’t do it. My belly is too big.
  • What can you do?
  • Wow! You are good.

3. Name the pictures.

Langauge in Use:

  • What do you see? What do you see? I see a dog.
  • I see this.
  • This is here.
  • Good eye.
  • I’m sad. I can’t find this.
  • Help me please.
  • Eye spy with my little eye – this.
  • Can you find the cookie man.
  • Next page. Let’s do the next page.
  • Let’s make a group. you and you together.
  • Me and you. Ok?

4. Play “Catch Me If You Can.”

Language in Use:


5. Play “Subway Surf.”

Language in Use:

  • Look what I have.
  • an iPad.
  • Do you want to play a game? Yes.
  • Me too. I like games.
  • a new game.
  • Let’s play a new game.
  • Not Angry birds.
  • Let’s play this game.
  • Subway Surf
  • Up is jump
  • Down is roll.
  • Over is move over
  • Are you ready.
  • Please take turns.


6. Color an animal.

Language in Use:

  • Come here.
  • I’ve got lots of animals.
  • Let’s color one.
  • Which one do you want?
  • Do you want a snake?
  • no. ahh. You don’t like snakes.
  • What about a centipede?
  • no. ahh They are scary.
  • ok.
  • Which one do you want?
  • ok. 2 cats. 1 snake and a chicken.
  • just wait.
  • I will print them. 
  • Go to the printer.

7. Do jumping activities.

  • Look. do you know this?
  • I don’t know. 
  • It is “he Tower of Hanoi.” It a puzzle. 
  • Do you want to do it?
  • Yes. 
  • I want to do it.
  • Ok. Watch me.
  • I can do 5.


8. Be fast and slow.

9. Play with actions.

Do 1 – Progress

1 Do = 0%


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