About Rhett:

  • Grew up as a boy in the 80s in a small town (Codette).
  • Became a man in the 2000s in  in South Korea
  • Honored to be a  son, husband, father, a brother with my family,
  • Strives to be a learner/teacher/ and content designer at Burton’s School


Rhett's Challenges

  1. To know myself and my family
  2. To be A to Z with others (family, students, strangers, friends )
  3. To work on health (heart, mind, guts)
  4. To express and reflect on my thoughts
  5. To curate, learn, and from interesting people
  6. To plan, build and grow Burton's School

Rhett on KBS

Burton School Version 2


Burton School 2.1

Teaching Children


Home School or Private School

(2022 – 2023)

Thoughts and Talks:

Default 1 and 2

2019 and 2020

Me, My Theme Stack + My Stories

  • Me – Who do I seem to be at default 1 level
  • Me – I Listen to Default 1. Now what? Default 2
  • My Theme Stack – Which themes do I want to connect to? Add or remove a theme?
  • People and Stories – Who, What, Why, When, Where and How do the stories connect?
  • Are you becoming a slave to your themes? Are you able to undo, unlearn, unbecome?
  • Can you take your hand out of the pail of water? 

A Game Commercial