Steps Forward

Are you here?








Click the box.

I am here.

Things We Do

1. Sing “Brown Bear.”

Language in Use

  • What this? It is a book.
  • Is it a big book? It’s a small book.
  • Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?
  • I see a red bird looking a me.
  • Where’s the purple cat?
  • Here.


2. Play an animal memory game.

Language in Use

  • Can you read this? Memory 
  • memora? No, memory. Sorry.
  • Open the box. Close the box
  • Take out the cards.
  • Put the cards down
  • Pick 3 animals (I like the cat)
  • Play memory with your partner.
  •  Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • I am first. You are second.
  • You are first. I am second.


3. Make a puzzle.

Language in Use:

  • What’s this? It’s a puzzle.
  • Do you like puzzles? Yes, I do. 
  • Let’s make it.
  • Make it. Break it, Share it. 
  • Can you do it? Yes, I can.
  • Good job
  • I made 4 puzzles.
  • Now, lets play puzzle memory,
  • Where’s the kangaroo? Here. Thank you.
  • Sorry. That’s ok!
  • I’m finished.
  • I like making puzzles.

4. Draw a bear.

Langauge in Use:

  • Look here,
  • I’ve got animals.
  • Listen. What is it?
  • Meow. Cat.
  • It’s a cat. It’s a cat.
  • Great.
  • Look at me. What is it?
  • (act out an elephant with a long nose) elephant.
  • It’s an elephant. 
  • Yes.
  • Now, get a boogie board.
  • There.
  • Draw an animal.
  • Is that a chicken? No, it’s an elephant.
  • Oh, sorry. Hehe. I’m bad.

5. Make bear art.

Langauge in Use:

  • OK. Now we will make this.
  • Do you want to do it?
  • Yes or no?
  • Let’s do it.
  • Get some paper. 
  • What color do you want? I want brown.
  • Let’s draw a B. A big B.
  • Down, around, around.
  • Now, let’s cut.
  • Get the scissors. cut.cut. cut.
  • Look at my B. 


6. Play Angry Birds.

Language in Use:

  • Look! What do I have?
  • iPad. Yes, I’ve got my ipad.
  • Do you want to play a game? Yes.
  • We will play Angry Bird.
  • I am angry. Don’t be angry. Sorry.
  • Where is it? Here.
  • Tap this. Tap here. 
  • This is our pet bird.
  • Hello Beebee.
  • Oh no! It is hungry.
  • Do we have 5 apples. (Yes. No.)
  • Yes. Here you go. Yum. yum.
  • No. sorry. Bye, bye Beebee.

7. Sing “10 little Fishes.”

Language in Use:

  • Let’s draw the water. like this.
  • Let’s draw one fish.
  • 2 fish.
  • 3 fish 
  • Draw eyes.
  • Draw a mouth?
  • Let’s color the fish.
  • I like blue.
  • I want to color it blue.
  • Give me blue please. (May I have…?)
  • Here you go.
  • Thank you.
  • You’re welcome. 

8. Walk in the forest.

Language in Use:

  • It a toy.
  • It can walk.
  • Look. It’s walking.
  • Can you do it?
  • Can you do it 3 times?
  • Wow! You are good!
  • Can you make it stand up?
  • It’s hard.
  • I did it.

9. Catch fish in a river.

Language in Use:

  • Put on your shoes.
  • Let’s go outside.
  • Walking, walking. Hop, hop, hop.
  • Walking in the forest. 
  • What do you see? I see a fish. I see a frog,
  • My fish. 
  • You caught a fish. You have a fish.
  • Careful! Dangerous. 
  • Don’t fall in.
  • It time to go.

Do 1 – Progress

1 Do = 0%