Rhett’s Thoughts about Stability and ‘Things to Study’

  • Theme: Stability 
  • Korean Phrase: 죽인다,죽는다
  • Meme: Never Discourage
  • Song: Stand By Me


Discovered Keywords: a new project, contracts, interior design, custom vs. basic design, pressure vs. Stress, net gains and loss, babies, children, responsibilities, public and private information, probing questions, body language, introverts and extroverts, males and females, dating, marriage, meeting online or offline, gender differences, cultural differences, friends, chaos and order, jobs, stability, friends and defriends, good coffee, looks good and tastes good, people and patterns, being known for

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Rhett’s Thoughts about Lifestyle and ‘Things to Study’

Where will our conversation lead us?

Discovered Keywords: 

  • sons – Three Pigs and Teddy
  • 15 – Graveyard book, Cap Cut, movie making, songs,  friends and coincidences, the wrong foot
  • 26, Good morning, weekend, the three-day weekends, by design, the meaning of 물귀신, 9 months of coffees, working holidays, 20s, graduation, 1 year in Korea, courage, timing, English, marriage, interior design, ovens, cafe tools, storing equipment at home, buy/sell/throw away/start a cafe, concept, culture, language, Thailand, 2004, Tsunami, chaos, moment to move, Korea, country town, snow (warm, fuzzy, cotton-like vs. cold, hard and burning), Cambodia, travel trends, 2002 World Cup, children, a vision of the future, international school, learning and losing languages, singer, Taylor Swift, MP3 Players, recording from TV or radio, IP address, firewalls, adapting to different cultures, Korea, happiness but harsh student life, double-edge swords, shared space and time, prior meeting, the taste of the cake to a 40-year-old man, Yes or no, choosing a position, seeing in gradience, perspectives, bias, stereotypes, variance, opinions, long-form conversations, where do you run when…?
  • 38, a song, coincidance, coincidence, play on words, dancer, little pants, short hair, beard, strong body, good energy, smiles get reactions, like to see vs. don’t like to see, standing toe to toe vs. standing to the side, money VS. interest, Water Demon, fight vs. flow vs. float child VS. Adult, Resolve, Outcomes, detachment,  Old Language VS. New language, O+ and MTBI (ENFJ-T), know thy self, essence, innate, instinct, slow movement, constant tension, resolutions, English, strangers and energy. 
  • 54, gym gloves, trot, generation, childhood friends,  Codette/Nipawin, 15, coming of age, ski trip, driving license, car, map, panorama, lies and fibs, naive, money, hotel fees, gas fees, ski fees, food fees, 12 hours driving, accidents, no experiences, not smart, no sense, our time, +25 years, dad’s age, family, Korean terms for family, brothers, sisters, passings, middle siblings, oldest siblings, youngest siblings, marriage, having children, old style, new style, old way vs. new way, smelling the air, listening for words, silent generation, boomers, gen x, gen z, today’s children, technology, real in physical vs. technology, food vs. money vs. new money (bitcoin?), 

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Rhett’s Thoughts about “Conversations” and ‘Things to Study

Where will our conversation lead us?

Discovered Keywords:

  • 40, good people, enjoyable, bright, planet, rules, naming conventions, middle child, oldest child, age gaps, complexity of 눈치, eye contact, flee, fawn, fight, freeze, making sense of kids cafe rules, dad rules, mom’s rules, being together with people, social dance, social dynamics, coupling of people, ideas, constraints, hierarchy, permission to talk freely, trust, relevant realizations, predictions, being wise, planning, good a being smart and dumb, terms, deep learning, 5 minute conversations, being different, new conversations,  Dunbar number, 어색하다, different generations, novel world, apartment politics, playground rules, different perspectives, throwing away bad habits, fighting, tit for tat, eye-gouging, biting, murder, war, universal principle/morals(moral development ), war and peace, strategies,  interactions, going to hell, kids at play, being stubborn, sweater, dynamic systems, world systems, 1:1 conversations, remembering, next steps.

  • 70, did I ever tell, remember when, skipping school, Star Wars in PA, Grandma’s House, Mexico, 97 or 98, Grandma B, friend, friends sister, a bit of trouble, kids being kids
  • 26, Good morning, a bit earlier, coincidence, anxiety, phobia, knives, blood, fear or death, spiders, being judged, the mirror, the unknown and uncertainty, vulnerability, Bene Brown, man vs. women, characteristics of people from different provinces, being reserved, stereotyping, 80/20, fixing men, permission, love, actions, feedback checks, fight modes, self-protection vs. self-destruction, cigarettes and soju, higher birthrate, domestication of men and women by media, not using social media, language exchanges, reasons for being/meeting together, the innovators vs. the masses, topics of interests, source of energy, Korean caring about groups, 정, being the “but” person, range of acceptability, Cake shop, Whole Season, designing the box, advertising, Instagram profiles, taking ground, being a bit unpredictable
  • 40, proof of ownership, strangers yet associated, face-to-face, history, online vs. offline dynamics, Facebook, post, threads, long-term information, relevant, context, manifesto, stages of life, care, being a northerner, talking in parallel around the fire, hunting, fishing huts, AI, data mining, Elon Musk, Disney’s, F U, new phone, cognitive cloning, LLMS training, all captured text, liabilities, New York Times, Open Ai, lawsuit, Young Yearners needs for people, Middle school students data assistant, saving homework, essays, conversations, learning from youtube, AI being a tool that makes tools, domains we care vs. don’t care about, alignment, Blue, Red and Gray movement, technologies first, 


Rhett’s Thoughts about “Vision” and ‘Things to Study

  • Theme: Vision
  • Korean Phrase:보기좋고 먹기좋고 
  • Meme: Dreams
  • Song: Dreamed a Dream

Where will our conversation lead us?

Discovered Keywords: 

  • 26, Good morning, time, place, actions, energy, people 90/10, 6:10, coffee,  moments, feedbacks with words and actions, fuzzy rules, round 1, sensed, round 2, sensed, round 3, sensed, round 4, sensed, escalation, de-escalation, rules of engagement, complexity, relationships,  giving and taking interactions, win-win, and wu wei, 물귀신, processes, natural movements, the will to engage, roles, responsibilities, the knowns, trust, truths,  becoming weaker or stronger or more robust, symmetry, study room owners, paid vs. free service, detaching from roles, fuzzy reasons, unsaid words, opportunities for, perspectives, think around your words, examine your bias, add differences, family history, old language, trauma,   posters vs. word of mouth vs. apartment app vs. private messages. 첩첩산증

  • unknown age, Rohnan, the destroyer, block time, time to talk, Weekend vs. Weekdays, schedules, not busy, not rich, house elves, zombies, gestalt, whole picture, Myers briggs, her there vs. my there, ways of things, difficulty, instagram, high-jacked society, news, elephants in the brain, being a parent, husband, teacher in South Korea, support, communities, needs, relationships, Buddhism, Taoism, empty-cup, Confuciusm, being present, making sense of the senses, South African women, Bulgaria, helpful perspectives, opened-mindedness, a sermon, music to my ears, wisdom, balance between creative and logic, intuition, music, patterns, Rembrandt, museum, show us the way to see, making sense of art, a monkey sitting on the sand making shapes, a deer looking up at the night sky, awe, awesome, lost connections, running no matter what, finding a zen state, witnessing a single moment full of life, Ian McGilhrist, Right side, left-side, brain, general to specific, 40, a defense mechanism, facebook groups, monetization of support, fixation vs. exploration, uncover bias, add variance, being thankful for

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First Steps

Rhett’s Thoughts about “First Steps” and ‘Things to Study

  • Theme: First Steps
  • Korean Phrase:보기좋고 먹기좋고 
  • Meme: Smaller Steps
  • Song: How Far I’ll Go

Where will our conversation lead us?

Discovered Keywords: 

  • 15, Summary of Moana, permission to watch, How Far I’ll Go, 

  • Hello, good morning, electricity, machines and computers, concern about outages, Q/A – How was your weekend?, long pause, difficult to answer, same shit different day, 5 finger conversation, 1. this, 2. this, 3. this, 4. this, and this, and… are you interested in how I grip those ideas? You pick. Say, go. Complex interactions with fuzzy ways of seeing, Whole Cakeshop, location, fruit shop, cognitive mapping using landmarks, favorite cake, DQ ice-cream cake, Siam Reap Airport, Blizzards, trips for ice-cream, road in 2008 VS. now, investment, visitors, women, chatty, open to share information, Youtube followers, Instagram followers, connecting the dots between insta and store signage, women and children, being known as a child’s mom, being with mom, TPO, Old Man, Time/Place/Occasion, Dad’s campfire jokes at grandma’s house, cookies, best cookie ever, can’t talk tasting, grandma’s looking into the shop, man shopping for wife’s birthday cake, lettering, design, value to the cake,  A series of situations being thankful, support from husband, looking up toward opportunities 
  • How are you? can of worm? Do I say? Society, Alaska, Indigenous, Alaska, Fairbanks, trade routes, waterways, moving around the country, grandpas, WW2, japan, playing piano in Holland, perspectives from war, not looking too deep, pictures, online communities, not tagging my name, private vs. public, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, slack, feeder groups, origin perspectives, Good at vs. Bad at, video conferencing, acknowledgment, apologies, WW1, Archduke Franz Ferdinand,  not that simple, hub and Spoke Strategy, Tao 11, public school system, the grading system, teachers, Narcissism of small things, generational wealth, knowledge, guns, germs, steel, libraries, books, personal recording, 2-week deadline, a scheduled talk, History -written by the victories or written by those who write, history, Giving a talk, KOTESOL, people always leave, 1:1 meet-ups, 3 years of emails with a mutual friend, supporting idea, 3 years of silence from almost everyone, no messages

  • 40, Kids on the playground, mom, swings, merry-go-round, falling off, chaos to order, coping strategy, slap to the face, retaliate, tit for tat x 3, be kind, retaliate, forgive, David Tizzard, Revolutions, political, cultural, monetary, Korea Times article, Robert Sapolsky, Free Will, intuition, data analytics, poker, chess, Go, tech changed everything, New paradigm, beginners and experts alike, future with AI, SUPER NOVEL, no trusted feedbacks, Samsung s24, Apple Vision Pro, Translations apps, No more English class, obsolete educational systems, being optimistic,  bright side, but scared, Elon’s Musk’s Neurolink, being dependant on tech, dystopia, 

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Rhett’s Thoughts about “Direction” and ‘Things to Study

  • Theme: Direction
  • Korean Phrase:갈대까지 가보자
  • Meme: The Company
  • Song: We Know The Way

Where will our conversation lead us?

Discovered Keywords: 

  • m, 45, can you hear me?, telephone, technology, switchboards, Chinese whispers, the telephone game, Version 1 inform version 2, tech stack in games, books, stories, education, Lord’s Prayer, trespasses, use of the word “trespass”, cognitive load vs. bandwidth, energy gets energy, interest, curiosity, fuels discovery, fuels the steps forwards, Words with students, Native Speakers not getting, no willingness to translate thoughts, no empathy to understand, to desire to fit parallels, current cultural content, groups, silos, talking across groups, across time, be known for over time, algorithms, 5d chess, shared knowledge, speaking to a certain level, basics, to remember, trends in language development,  dials of reasons, woo woo, wu wei, quantum computers, adding some variance to help find a slightly new way to orientate to the day

  • wishing for a good morning, 7 alarms, alarms for the alarms, snooze vs. off, never using alarm, waking others up, 10 minutes to get ready vs. stumbling around, systematically connecting the dots, bag of cookies, white bag, softer, hold with care, eating style, Rohnan’s VS. Jaymen VS. Rhett, soft and moist VS. hard and crumbly, sweet or too sweet?, husband vs. Me, slow eat vs. 2 bite, Men and boys vs. Women and girls, personality,  Boyish style, girl style, being with kids in elementary school, group dynamics with large and small groups, cultural differences, class differences, money metrics, High and Low Expectations for things, Korean Criteria, SKY University vs. Local university, money metrics, Miracle on the Han, cars, clothes, cookies, free will(14:00), children in their world, adults in their world, the elephant and the rider, How far will you go? Ideas for products: mom’s, dad’s, children, friends, stories and reason for buying cookie, the 100 dollar cookie, bitterness, generic products, the water demon, generational trauma, Korea changes too quickly, not fitted to the world, work and progress vs. work and money, reusing boxes, changing stickers, working for a crazy boss, 1 dollar rich but 100 dollars poor, understanding the what clear, complicated, complex and chaotic in a cookie situation, News Years

  • can’t hear you, talking without feedback, check the settings, loop around common problems, Skype, Windows, tech stacks within ecosystems, Facebook messenger, Google Meet, troubleshooting, free models and paid options, Online tools, Online groups, Perceived history, the guinea pigs of round 1, guinea pigs round 2, Known information about how online groups worked, are working and will continue to work, hats, Generation X in the 80s vs. the Generation of Boomers, X, Z and alpha in the present, different political directions, compelled speech, men, tech (AI) influences on men’s work, red flags of disenchanted men, vulnerable men, confronting men, language, language wars, slogans, begin with people in the world today

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  • Theme: Trust
  • Korean Phrase: 첩첩산증
  • Meme: Don’t Trust Atoms
  • Song: I Won’t Back Down

Rhett’s Thoughts about “Trust” and ‘Things to Study

Where will our conversation lead us?

  • Discovered Keywords: 
  • Oh no, conspiracy theory, microbes, slept on an idea, Human VS. Super Humans, Homo sapiens Denisovans, Homo floresiensis (hobbits, lord of the rings), Neanderthals, Europe, Indonesia, primates, branch, violence, coexisting, ice age, societies, roles, mega fauna, extinctions, language, song, arts, skills, walking, hunting, technologies, physical attributes, genes, DNA, Microbes, Eating people, mating with homo sapiens, Lord of the Rings, Princess Mononoke, Hayao Miyazaki, 1997, Japan, context, misunderstanding, Maturity, Nature and Nurture, apes, spirits, eating humans, Hansel and Gretel, Germany, anthropology, culture, Aspergers, autism, creativity and anxiety, chaos and order, Ying and Yang, dichotomies, complexity, personalities, skills, Low in Orderliness, system thinks, Dave Snowden, ages, imprinted, fitness, functionalism, racism, wisdom, science fiction, Ray Bradbury, Innovators, Historians, H.G. Wells, Time Machine, Derinkuyu, Music, Mr. Bernstein, Harvard, Moloch, Introspections, care and concern, patterns, writers write, knowledge stacks, origins of things, fighting entropy, aging, read my mind,

  • Good Morning, haircut, 살날, traditional, good and bad, harmful, whale hunting, judging other countries, Korea vs. World, global citizen, princess Mononoke, nature and nurture, complex rationales of characters, interconnections, priorities, roles, 오지랖, trust, trust blindly, repeated exposures, explosion in knowledge about, truths, Tuesday classes, sense of care, care for self vs. care for roles vs. care judged by others, not yet, family interactions, older generations, parents, being called by your role as a mother, children, expectations, shifting positions with Time/place/people, problems with flexibility and adaptability, making sense of social cues, in-laws, parenting, feeding kids, taking care of kids, the nurturing mother, the fixed father, maintaining order, principles, rules, Momo, singe doll vs. the infinite dolls with accessories,  hurdles through moments, cookie, cake shop, schedule, online vs. poster on the door

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Rhett’s Thoughts about “Reflect” and ‘Things to Study

  • Theme: Reflect
  • Korean Phrase: 똥인지 된인지 모른다
  • Meme: data, information, knowledge
  • Song: Bohemian Rhapsody


Where will our conversation lead us?

  • Discovered Keywords: 
  • 26, Hello, nor good morning? Birthday?, kakao talk, Korean and Western age system, tags. Age as in year, year v.s date, Losing a birthday to Christmas, vise versa, Santa and dads, magical things, cow vs. reindeers, snow vs. rain, Culture slowly merging, less Korean and more western, fitting to the world, fitted to cultures canada, Korea, Cambodia, born to vs. born outside of, Charles Darwin, 기준, 개똥도 쓰셔면 없다, shared standards, married, instagram, social media, chats, group chats, strangers posing a friends, friends posing as strangers, having thoughts VS. having a voice, be judged and known for, church groups, getting into university, grade, having a mapped path, translating ideas and concepts, ideas must die to live, Cambodia, poop, cutting fingers, cutting bad luck, spirit away, interview with Hayao Miyazaki about, loss of magic, cake shop, timing a conversation next to a bookshelf, using a book to extend the conversation, small space, using a picture, pictures from Europe, journey inside our minds, escapism, stepping outside of our own heard, grade 2 textbooks, How Koreans Talk, 불가사리, fingers and friends, mice wanting to put a bell on a cat being here for me, kids textbook vs. Kids constant content feed, know ourselves through others, adding variance to the day,

  • 40, Money, couple to teaching, family, location, culture ways of communicating, men and women in the workforce, dads and mom talking, husband and wife talking, teach to learn and learn to teach, to triangulate, enlightenment and entanglement, focusing on what matters, hierarchy or care, chaos to order, order to chaos, to be known and predictable out of routine, religion, meditation, ruminating, evolving ideas, emerging order, wise enough to make sense of repeated patterns, outgoing patterns, triggers, the social dance of being together, slow wheel of progress, online groups, waiting a whole month to hear and prepare, youtube, content curation, Life coaches, certificates, conditions for
  • 46, Exodus 5, plagues, strengthening of the heart, Moses, mini ark, Pharaoh’s daughter, mother, memory from movies, eye candy, not very truthful, ww2, ruling government in Germany, the killing of the first born, loss of traditional knowledge, freedom for change, Rites and rituals for the eldest. Freedom but lack of inheritance for the youngest, writing on the wall, ability to read, progression of knowledge and skills

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Rhett’s Thoughts about “Moments” and ‘Things to Study

  • Theme: Moments
  • Korean Phrase: 못먹어도고
  • Meme: ikigai
  • Song: Memories


Where will our conversation lead us?

  • Discovered Keywords: 
  • 26, Ikigai, Japan, a way of developing a good center, on paper vs. in life, The messy middle, cakes, sets, cost, clear conversations, locks, password strategies, sharing and searching for information, High uncertainty = high certainty, if you don’t know what is in the box (don’t open it), predictable, before marriage vs. after marriage, 1 year of marriage vs. 10 years of marriage, creature of habits, likes and dislikes, being known for, responsible, communicate or manipulate, resentment, elephants in the room and in the brain, Me and my clipboard, here, there, everywhere, Online, N jobs vs. one well, Boomers, Gen X, Gen Z, Gen Alpha, N jobs vs. One Well, a well brings water, N job brings variation of skills and people, die while climb my mountain to die on vs. lying down, digging a well or a grave, old language vs. modern language, famous, the path gets tougher, certainty of death, living in the moment, MBTI, J is for judging and P is for perceiving, the complexity of shared experiences and stories, Airbnb, Youtube, Instagram, facebook, then and now, the bar, incremental changes, 베려, keywords
  • 40, Cleaning up, moving, go vs. Stay, books, sunk cost, recycling clothes, clutter, no difference, cleaning strategies/habits, getting caught throwing things away, CCTV, complaints, the right to vent, joining clubs, groups, apartment culture, 1st floor vs. 3rd floor, conflict resolution, me vs. You strategies, cards, fruit baskets, saying sorry, the price of being in an apartment, men and women, order and chaos, Facebook, known and unknown people, conversations with people, silos, bias, variance, answers, solutions and the “real” problems, categories of books, types of questions, types of answers, everything is there, entanglement, bored, mastery, identity, tit for tat, apologies, Roles in a community, brain economy, trade secrets (labor), making sense through the aggregate, fear, death, turning 40, safety, differences, wars, rituals, boxing gloves



  • Theme: habits
  • Korean Phrase: 한우물을 파라 (Dig one well)
  • Meme: S.U.C.C.E.S.S
  • Song: Light Switch

Rhett’s Thoughts about  and ‘Things to Study


Where will our conversation lead us?

Discovered Keywords: 

  • 베려 vs. 부담, the one who…, reliable to your…, My Neighbor Totoro, daughters, older and younger, cake, shit, mugwarts, nuts, Korea’s creation story, mature human, treat someone less than human, Korean curse words Vs. English curse words, son of a x, dramatic event, chaos of the youth, Waiting for Death VS. Living, Dumb Ways to Die, random stories or not, habits, digging a well (or grave), trusting others, truth, dad and moms, differences, language in use, money, repeat series of ABC stories, talking about daily things VS. deep-rooted concepts, lived experiences is vs. isn’t truth, styles of reactions, her way, our way, therapy through conversation, pills and medication, biology, blockers, the west, to become you, Power of the Nth Job, job seniority, knowing the communities systems, making things meaningful, to taste the difference, nuts, hamster, typical and predictable, cancel culture, data, our words, our patterns, leaving Facebook, privacy, communicate, Noisy without authentic voices, our surrounding, being a foreigner in korea, cultural tools, sensed but not surprised, permission and trust,

  • Rap, riff, guitar, series of words, limerick, a man from Nantucket, Moby Dick, Herman Melville, 2 tangents, understand a paragraph, rabbit holes, reason for reading, TV, radio, social media. Me and your avatar, making sense, sense-making, to be with you, care and mattery, personality, Myers–Briggs VS. Understand Myself, introverts and Extrovert, teachers and expectations, people’s needs, order and chaos, walking around concepts, learning to learn through co-created touch points, world building, Tolkien vs. Walt Disney, Studio Ghibli vs. Disney, stories, narratives, people, history, product of our times, living on the fringes, expats, Emishi, human history over the lands, starting points, moana, Polynesia, ancestors, genes, pacific rim, totem poles, art, being a singer, writer, teacher, information processing and teaching, neural network vs. mind mapping, patterns, process, Multiple voices inside, my solution, curriculum, schedule, money, Children in the Curriculum and Me a benevolent puppet master, systems thinking vs. Natural interactions, who and how I show up with my students, iceberg, above and below the water, connecting dots, accessing points of knowledge, general and specific, Kotesol, incentives, infrastructure, National Conference, the kids cafe, Year Book, pictures, cliff, the realness of standing at the edge, fear, How Korean Talk, Hedgehog loves it child, even when it pokes you in the eye, Bite 10 fingers, every finger hurts, Grade 2 National Curriculum, Map out your day, write out the things you say when you are their, funny idioms, dance around known language, talk to yourself in Korean, use a children’s dictionary
  • Facebook, playing the players, leaving it, groups, chat rooms, blocks, permissions, rational behind technology, A paid group vs. a free group, not knowing what could have been, building a platform, who has done it”, scaling a school, scaling a class, scaling knowledge, becoming friends, breadcrumbs, facebook as a journal, patterns, facebook as a photo album, Tucker’s perspective on strangers”I also think the desire for the love of people you don’t know is every bit as poisonous, maybe more.” isolationism, coaching, modern day friendship, recorded conversations, this group vs. that group, making sense through the aggregate, standing on common ground, using mutually accepted stories, examples, data, choosing to move past the past, Out of the box, phonics class, Kindy, vs Grade 1 VS Grade 2 Vs, Grade 3, being known for the thing, platforms that allow you to do the thing you do best, how people find you, at least a year to sort out the cards, Value of UNO,
  • Unicode, ascii, information processing, degree, usage and examples, korean vs. english formats, language across the web, origins of words, phrases, Sodom and Gomorrah, map, divine intervention, labels, ruliad, physics, biology, chemistry,Abraham, names change, Exodus with Jordan, speaking to God, Jesus, Dennis Prager, stars on the sky, milky way, hierarchy of beings, podcast, emails, sea of entropy, sense through the aggregate, buckets, spam, filters, documents, strategies of being together online



  • Theme: Investments
  • Korean Phrase: 왕따
  • Meme: Boss
  • Song: See You Again

Rhett’s Thoughts about  and ‘Things to Study


Where will our conversation lead us?

  • Discovered Keywords: 
  • Phonics, activity type, music, desired sounds, ABC phonics song, a program for it, wife, chaos going with the flow, letting the dust settle, Cal Newport, deep work and scheduling, teacher’s schedule, listening to content, Youtube Vs. Audible, Interesting Book’s “Talking to Strangers” and “Outliers“, Malcom Gladwell, Munk Debates, Matt Taibbi and Douglas Murray, the mapped path, Great man theory, reduced history, Comanche war strategies, guns, germs, steel, Brett Weinstein’s frontiers, sharing content, book clubs, facebook groups, smaller circles of influence, 1:1, mini groups, politics of people, accepted language in use for context, happiness and satisfaction, tech, tools, curating idea, algorithms VS. People’s willingness to discover, perspectives, introspections, concepts, detective story, start, middle, end, deals, coupons, Investments, outliers
  • Good morning. Boss, being the boss, instagram, thoughts about actions and directions, employees, difference, concept that kill or make stronger, steps forward, growth, defined good, “tried, tested and true”, decided on the process, win/win thinking, investing in people, the known stories and truths, sharing food, Me as a dinosaur, you are as young explorer, XI, selling cookies to companies B2B, individuals, mom, children, the market, make money, collecting data for times of the day doing the compute, “all in”, this vs. that and new pathways between, operating system, working with people, copy vs. theft of knowledge and skills, code of morals, ethics as a boss, friend, employee, employer, being above or below on the perceived hierarchy, being together in ways of peace




  • Theme: Safety
  • Korean Phrase: 털어서 먼지 나는놈없다 (Everyone has dirt on them)
  • Meme: Rarely Make History
  • Song: Zombie

Rhett’s Thoughts about  and ‘Things to Study


Where will our conversation lead us?

  • Discovered Keywords: 
  • Wasn’t the plan, the road lead here, actions, public VS. private, nail cutting, tooth brushing, back scrubbing, Culture A and Culture B, inventions and tools, smoking, quitting, 80, 90 and now, laws and incentives, shop owners getting caught, parents who talk, kids who study don’t drink drink and smoke vs. Kids who drink and smoke and don’t study, sleep, 3 days, why 3?, bullies, modern bullies, smart, protected, buffers, teachers, my teacher octopus, 10 brains, niched creature, umwelt, children, instinct, learned, nature and nurture, 우는애젖더준다, the crying baby gets the milk, the soother, the ipad, personality types, people keep people, communities keep communities, addictions keep us in place, Jobs, being locked in, free to go, information process, strengths and weakness, 수보자, apps, data, the listening phone, school subjects, the subject is/isn’t relevant to the job, fitting to the work environment, employee, boss, sleep, trust about me, trust about you, trust in code for almost everything, novelty of the future, AI, photos, text, no more secrets
  • Good morning, smell of coffee, leaving things on the table (phone), Cambodia vs. Korea, attached to things, naming things, attitude on losing things, in the cloud, pictures, organize pictures, date and time, 부지랑하다, using search, memory, food porn, rituals of setting the table, ritual of preparing food, men vs. women’s eating style, value of hierarchies, care, then vs. now, baggage, conclusion, no singular point, start and end points, orientate towards the safety way, fights, fights in France, seeing then vs. experiencing them, hit and hit back, code of conduct, escalation, ways men and women fight, getting back up or staying down, male vs. women and their willingness for physical fights, walking at night, trusting patterns and reacting to irregular patterns, rumors, shame, politics of people, complex relationships, anti-fragile, chicken in the egg, 알을개고나와라, growing and consuming, one earth, limited food, break out of our shell, faith?? adding risk, limbic system, to fight, to flee, to fawn, too safe is too risky, waiting for death, adventure.

  • Living under our parent’s roof, Christian views, computers, warcraft, college, college experience, debate team, Stephen Shaw, brief Korean sojourn, prediction based on numbers, Young and naive vs. Older and experienced, expert being wrong, generational wealth, Korean war, colonization, traumas, a political, an economical, a cultural revolutions, anti-fragile, ethnic revolution?, united again through the IMF, sending gold to the government, Small yet wealth in these systems, successful minority(Israel) , investments in people, technology, social cohesion, soft brand power, chaebols, class systems, shifting global power,  etc, online personalities, Instagram, fact in documents, toxic masculinity, boys in a feminine education,  men and women, war, coded for life and death, monsters, exodus, study partners, audible

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Showing Up


  • Theme: Showing Up
  • Korean Phrase: 새옹지마
  • Meme: Grow a Love for Learning
  • Song: Try Anything

Rhett’s Thoughts about  and ‘Things to Study

Where will our conversation lead us?

  • Discovered Keywords: 
  • Good morning, late, no alarms, mom, airport, food, old taste, stale food, salty, made by my people, coffee, coffee machine, machines for baking cake vs. bread, flour, type of flour, all purpose flor, cake shop vs. factory cakes, the tasting, keeping things in the freeze, refrigerator, not knowing my baking, call from mom, how I travel, happy news or… We’ll see!, sister, mom, female dynamics, childhood, young adults, university, meeting boys, nicknames, Mr. Olive, meeting people, not needed but needed, predicted conversations, starts, if this then this, my grandma with me vs. my sister, verbal pathways
  • some verbal jokes, ordered coffee, my sweater, 20 years old, Father’s sweater from the Winter Games, Great memory, weightlifting, dad’s role in the town, bronze medal, dad present me with the medal, your dad, passed, living with mom, 3 generations, children, marriage, stay at home vs. leave, 19, Calgary, Olympics, Seoul ,Olympics, 1988, current reality, kids these days, no touch my life, Netflix, physical 100, 500, 1000, Old Way S. New Way, Dad’s in Japan, Korean Dads, war, occupation, the good and the bad, net positives and negative, mini revolutions (economy, government, culture), forced modernization, effect on men, women, boys and girls, job
  • Tequila, Movie vs. Friends, movie collection, IT, Nightmare on Elm street, Music, Get the Ring, Civil War, Enter Sandman, Zior Park – CHRISTIAN, secular music, 3 story house, basement, buffer, wiring speaker, DakkiJi Story, father’s support, value to a group, authentic voice vs. Famous Stories, Know thyself, groups, facebook, audible, youtube, cultivating online culture, vetting and judging, HSU, theme stack, weekly post, relevant self-authored thoughts, equality of comments, more personalized replies, 2 email, 1 positive, 1 negative, permission to speak, no skin in my game, reasons for doing, Owners in Korea Vs. Owner around the global, research gate, interaction with a Ph.D, video replies, Vimeo, transcript, Working round 2, Personal Development, Audience, Identify with, podcaster, youtubers, strategies for building something out, privacy of Facebook vs. Youtube, record my video, shared document, no co-creation, too many unknowns, April 11th,

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Building It

Building It: 

  • Theme: Building It
  • Korean Phrase: 바보
  • Meme: Building an Ark
  • Song:

Rhett’s Thoughts about  and ‘Things to Study

Where will our conversation lead us?

  • Discovered Keywords: 
  • Used an alarm or no, No alarm, 3 times, being a ceo, hiring people, complex domain, solution for complex problems, resilient and/or robust constraints, hiring more people Vs. having faith in less people, High turnover rate, quick training, temporary workers, employment services, Making money, CEO and Worker alignment, Barista, contest, certificate, self-identity, friend in the business, relationships, beach strategy, blueberry farm strategy, calendar events, permission to speak about, communication, skin in the game, Speaking about myself, sharing my reasons for being, my choices based in my interpretations of my situations, Trust in patterns, gender and cultural patterns, personality, self-identity, nihilism, addiction, scheduled work, deep work, 10 years later, permission to be, shit sandwiches, eating the whole thing vs. eating around the shit, build system vs. goal, Being the idiot, apologizing, being ok with being stupid, universal themes, my mapped path, my well or my grave, doing the work, choosing your path, learning your 1,2,3 and ABC, being cursed, CLIMB CLIMB UP UP, Going to Death Mountain,

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One Thing

One Thing: 

  • Theme: One Thing
  • Korean Phrase: 고문관
  • Meme: I Fear Not
  • Song: The River

Rhett’s Thoughts about and ‘Things to Study

Discovered Words:

A couple of differences to the morning, snooping around, the balcony, dust, cleaning it up, the gym’s balcony, cleaner these days, breaking the rules, the guise of safety, Facebook vs. Instagram, sharing vs. promoting, then and now, pages and groups, “friends” and “followers”, personal, private, secret, diaries. Facebook/instagram habits vs. more secured apps like notes and photo album, selected for a voice in the world vs. personal randomness of a device, my style of being online VS. Your style, act of posting, Best Practices, understand the complicated sense making, complex relationships with people, never-ending journey through interactions, my shop and your shop, blogs, coffee vs. blueberry coffee, groups, nave groups, 1 million people, social rules, envy of cats, pet loss syndrome, shelters, processes, love you for everything, system think for the coffee shop, the domino effect, judge for coffee vs. music, the artist, “being a tool”, the Bible, heaviness, working in series and parallel. Doing the compute on a single thing vs. doing the compute of the big picture of the 100 X 100 grid, kids classes, kids saying rude things, spoken language vs. meaning of language spoken, kids are 3×3 for complexity but adults can be impossible, tit for tat, cooperate, retaliate, forgive lean towards a positive interaction



  • Theme: Clearings
  • Korean Phrase: 
  • Meme: Summarize
  • Song: Blank Space

Rhett’s Thoughts about and ‘Things to Study









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Putting out Fires

Predatory Thinking

Night and Day


Brace For Impact

The Mapped Path


The Unknown

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