Theme Stack – First Steps – Will Engage

Emergent Keywords: First Steps – Use songs, compel the ears to hear, the eyes to see, the fingers to touch, do you want to be a learner, teacher, tyranny, bring something forth via learning to learn, songs, images, text, games, puzzles, doing what has always been done, history, culture, tools, wars, famines, weather, the social dance, being ready for a people’s world, being ready for an AI world, using interesting things to will the eyes to notice and desire it, a ball, to catch, to throw, to practice the actions, Zooming in and out of the micro-developments, teach the hands first, poke, probe, bring controversy, to explore, to grab, to wield it, a natural process, marshmallow test with a ball, predict what happens next, the language follows the actions, narrate what is happening, challenge what is happening, motivate friendly social competition, ten apples up on top, avoid high stakes competition, feedback from doing, TPR, Will the actions, will the desire to do, start and finish tasks, use songs to make the path forward more enjoyable, time-tested-true tools to engage, the body (heart, head, guts), the content, the rules and complexity, optimal interactions, adding variances by learning to learn together through the ups-and-downs of chaos

To Engage

To Engage:

  • Live in the world
  • Live with people
  • Be present and active
  • Practice a Liberty to Act from A to Z
  • Learn about dynamic systems (people and gestalt)
  • Be a human (whatever that means)

To Express

To Express:

  • Practice Freedom of Speech
  • Understand body language
  • Make sense of the unspoken knowing
  • Dance and develop specific actions
  • Develop your voice
  • Learn and Apply  “Education isn’t something you finish.”


To Experience

To Experience:

  • Live and die 
  • Orientate towards Heaven and away from Hell
  • Be aware of karma
  • Embrace the good, truth, and beauty 
  • Navigate a complex life 


Steps Forward

Are you here?

  1. To Be (Public Memories)
    1. Me, You, Us
    2. We Seek
    3. To Care
  2. To Sense
    1. Sensed
    2. Flow with it
    3. Good, True, and Beautiful
  3. To Will
    1. Engage
    2. Express
    3. Experience


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