Theme Stack – Vision – Sensed But Not Surprised

Interesting Keywords: Vision looping around my thoughts, ideas in the world, funneling concept into my school, organising 40 years of life into opportunities for possibilities, family, friends, strangers, bias and variance, realizations, predictions, multiple pathway through sense making strategies, emergent order, layers of understanding, feedbacks, conversation with all ages, making friends, expanding conversations, part general, part specific, evolving thoughts, new connections, happily surprised


What People Do:

  • to hear
  • to be aware of the sounds
  • to be open or closed to the sounds
  • to be drawn to the sounds (flee)
  • to enjoy the sounds
  • to be willing to produce the sounds


What People Do:

  • to see
  • to see emotions
  • to see colors and shapes
  • to see movement
  • to see symbols, patterns, relations, order and categoriesĀ 
  • to see intentions, possibilities and certainties
  • to imagine

Skin +

What People Do:

  • to feel
  • to direct our attention, get things, make sounds, hold, stack, search, tear, fold, turn, push, communicate non verbally, catch ,count, time, tap, click, double click, flip pages, squeeze, draw, scratch and claw, poke, hit, press, clap
  • to resonate
  • to intuit


What People Do:

  • trigger a combination of neurons
  • flee, fight, fawn or freeze to the smell
  • flee = something is wrong with the air
  • fight = endure the smell
  • fawn = likes and dislikes
  • freeze = stop and decide what’s next
  • recall memories


What People Do:

  • to taste
  • to experience different foods
  • to develop a sense of yummy and yucky
  • to acquire many taste

Our Bodies

Our Bodies have:

  • the brain
  • the heart
  • the gut

Other Senses

  • in the air
  • hunches
  • gut feels
  • intuition
  • deja vu
  • callings
  • in our bones
  • etc

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