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Listen and Speaking

  • I can follow commands (stand up / sit down)
  • I can hear, produce and blend sounds into words.(/i/ /t/ it)  
  • I can identify and name key topic words. (book)
  • I can listen, say and remember phrases. (I have a book)
  • I can listen and sing part of songs. (Hello. X2 What’s your name?)
  • I can use words and patterns during interactions. (I have a blue card.)
  • I can predict basic language patterns. (Get a _______ (marker))
  • I can memorize and use language functions. 
  • I can build meaning by combining phrases


Students Will:

  • NAME images.
  • INTERACT with words through songs.
  • INTERACT with words through activities, exercises and task.
  • INTERACT with words through songs.
  • READ words.
  • WRITE words.

Students Will:

  • LEARN 2 words for each letter.
  • DRILL letter sounds.
  • SAY letters’s name.
  • TRACE and WRITE letters.
  • DO fun exercises, activities and tasks about the word
  • FOCUS on letter sounds daily.

Students Will:

  • LISTEN and SING the Phonics Song.
  • MATCH letters to images.
  • READ letter sounds.
  • ENCODE sounds to text.
  • DECODE text to sounds.
  • READ about the themes.
  • DO online exercises.


Students Will:

  • HEAR words
  • HEAR rhythms and patterns.
  • TRANSFER some of the rhythms, patterns and words to how they communicate.



  • Students can hear and produce sounds.
  • Students can use sounds to produce words.
  • Students can transfer word sounds to language patterns.
  • Students can listen and process words sounds.
  • Students can transfer skills to activity.


Students Will:

  • READ letter sounds.
  • READ tricky words.
  • READ cvc words.
  • READ about interactions (games, puzzles, etc).
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