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Let’s hear from Scott Thornbury.


The Basics

  • Present the language or process
  • Practice the language or process
  • Give opportunities to produce/do the language and process

Step  1: Present

  • Get students’ attention (ears, eyes)
  • Bring students attention to a specific word, pattern or structure (grammar)
  • Hook the students to the theme, context, activity, or task.
  • Elicit prior knowledge.
  • Adjust language based on interactions 
  • Set expectations.

Step  2: Practice

  • Choose a specific task or activity that let’s language emerge meaningfully
  • Adjust complexity to allow for more optimal levels of English language usage
  • Master the methods and techniques that the activity require
  • Model the process by engaging in step-by-step interactions
  • Provide contextualized feedback
  • Help students build up procedural language to perform the tasks
  • Reinforce expectations
  • Use tools to aid in monitoring students- timers, point systems, progress tracking
  • Frequently interleave the process that promotes the practice
  • Mix L1 and L2 through bilingual strategies if required
  • Build routines and processes

Step 3: Produce:

  • Choose a specific task or activity that let’s language emerge meaningfully
  • Provide students with a bar to aim for
  • Reward the how
  • Use effective monitoring, praise, and tracking to hold students accountable
  • Measure metrics that help teachers and students reflect on their production skills

Step 4: Personalize:

  • Listen to what your students say
  • Watch how they interact 
  • Move the Fulcrum –  adjust your interaction to meet the student’s needs

Click here to  hear about my misconceptions of the PPP approach.

Moving Forward

  • PPP in curriculum
  • PPP in word Networks
  • PPP in skills
  • PPP in content
  • PPP in grammar
  • PPP in your approach
  • PPP in assessments

These are example of how I want to start applying a PPP into the core aspects of the Burton School Expereince.

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To Do: Define how PPP works in my curriculum.
To Do: Define how PPP works in my Word Network.
To Do: Define how PPP works the skills required for each level.
To Do: Define how PPP within the content.
To Do: Define how PPP helps your approach evolve for different levels.
To Do: Define how PPP leads to better assessment practices.


Focus on Teaching 

Home » Teachers » Teaching » PPP and Patterns