Moving Forward

Design a plan to talk about this.


My General Practice

  • Choose specific DIY content that excites people
  • Sequence content into a compounding process that connects interactions
  • Frame the experience so students are willing to engage, express and enjoy the interactions
  • Keep instruction short, simple, and applicable to the next step (aim to bridge the gap ahead)
  • Personalize your language (verbal and non verbal) to the students
  • Make each step challenging, doable and rewarding
  • Keep each stage in focus
  • Help students notice what matters
  • Observe students reactions (watch and listen with interest)
  • Use positive language as a rewards (be specific – what, why, when)
  • Use different types of rewards (smiles, laughs, hand gestures, points) 
  • Learn to be more aware of how you use negative rewards
  • Give specific feedback that illustrates how students used learning strategies
  • Hold students accountable to the feedback
  • Maintain motivation by adding or removing the complexity of skills and language
  • Gauge the students’ interest at every stage 
  • Observe actions and attitudes
  • Observe the timing of the task
  • Beware of critical break points
  • Raise awareness of task actualization (performance based)
  • Summarize the task
  • Get feedback about on the task
  • Link it to what’s next


My Teaching 

General Practices

  1. Children = 0%
  2. Interaction = 0%
  3. Content, Stages and Aims = 0%
  4. Our Seasons, Lessons, and Content Solutions 

The Gray Space:

Negotiate Gray areas by standing between the black and the white spaces.