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The Basics

  • BE friendly and happy
  • GET students attention
  • MOTIVATE interest (novel enough)
  • STAGEĀ andĀ PREDICT the appropriateĀ processes for the interaction.
  • BREAK interaction into actionable steps
  • BUILD procedural knowledge through modelling and repetition
  • ADJUST time for ability and interest
  • INCORPORATE groups to increase time-in-interactionĀ 
  • REPEAT the EAT (Exercise, Activity, Task ) till students have internalize the steps
  • MODEL the means to maintain a positive and REDUCE critical breaksĀ 
  • DEFINE roles that empower responsibilities
  • LEAD towards mastery, autonomy and positive social actions and reactions
  • MOTIVATE and challenge how to play with and in the environmentĀ 

Moving Forward

Make a plan.


Home » Teachers » Teaching » Interactions With Students