Moving Forward

Make a plan.


My General Practice

  • Be friendly and happy
  • Get students attention by being enticing
  • Motivate interest by stimulating the senses
  • Stage¬†and jump between appropriate¬†processes for the interaction.
  • Break interaction into actionable steps
  • Build procedural knowledge through modelling and repetition
  • Observe micro-development and¬†REDUCE critical breaks¬†
  • Adjust time for ability and interest
  • Incorporate¬†groups to increase time-in-interaction¬†
  • Repeat the EAT (Exercise, Activity, Task ) till students have internalize the steps¬†
  • Model the means to maintain a positive experience
  • Define roles that empower responsibilities
  • Challenge¬†mastery, autonomy and creative control


My Teaching 

General Practices

  1. Children = 0%
  2. Interaction = 0%
  3. Content, Stages and Aims = 0%
  4. Our Seasons, Lessons, and Content Solutions 

The Gray Space:

Negotiate Gray areas by standing between the black and the white spaces.