The Bad Witch

Bad Witch 

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The Bad Witch Playlist

Grace’s Plan Playlist




1. An Old Woman

The Opposite Song

Grace was sad because she was old.

She didn’t want to be old.

She wanted to be young.

2. At Rapunzel’s Window

Who took the Candy?

Grace went to Rapunzel’s bedroom early in the morning.

She saw Rapunzel sleeping in her bed.

Grace took Rapunzel.

3. The Frog Prince

Go Away!

Grace saw a prince walking by her house.

She gave the prince some candy.

The prince turned into a frog.

4. An Age Potion


First, Grace made an age potion.

Next, she drank her age in milliliters (95 ml).

Finally, she licked the frog 55 times.

5. Getting Worried


Grace is worried.

She doesn’t want Neven to find Rapunzel.

She doesn’t want them to undo her magic.

6. Cursing the Forest

Scary Woods

Grace goes to the forest.

She puts a spell on the trees.

Now the trees are scary.

7. Cursing the Spiders

There's a Spider on the Floor

Next, Grace goes to her spider friends.

She puts a spell on the spiders.

Now the spiders will try to catch Neven.

8. Cursing the Scorpions

8. The Amazing Scorpion

After that, Grace goes to the giant scorpion.

She puts a spell on the scorpion.

Now the scorpion will try to sting Neven.

9. A Busy Day

Daily Routines

Grace walked to Rapunzel’s Tower.

She put a spell on the trees, the spiders, and the giant scorpion.

Now, Grace isn’t worried about Neven.