About Level 3

Communicative Goals for Level 3

  • to listen,
  • to say
  • to do and show skill
  • to greet, take leave and call upon
  • to introduce self and others
  • to name words in topics
  • to express emotions 
  • to express likes
  • to express wants
  • to express have
  • to express to ask/answer questions 
  • to express to count and use numbers  
  • to express to reason 
  • to retell

Around School

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Hannah's Family Fun Day

Grace's Plans

Jack's Fires on the Farm

Rapunzel's The Dark Basement

Neven's Being Brave

Goldilock's Broken Arm

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1. An Early Start

It’s 5:30 in the morning

It is time to start the day.

Jack and his dad are up and at it.

2. A Cool Morning

It is a cool morning

It isn’t too hot yet.

Jack feeds the cow some hay.

3. Collecting Eggs

Jack climbs up into the loft.

He helps his mother collect the eggs.

They will sell them at the market.

4. Too Hot

It is too hot.

It has not rained for a few days.

The grass is dry and turning yellow.

5. Fire on the Farm

The grass starts on fire.

It is dangerous.

Jack has to put out the fires before they get too big.

6. Getting Help

Jack runs to the barn.

He tells his dad about the fires.

They get hoses to fight the fire.

7. Being Lucky

The fires were small

Jack and his dad put out the flames with water.

They were lucky.

8. The Rain Eggs

Jack looks at the eggs.

He sees rain clouds on the eggs.

He remembers where the goose came from.

9. The Beanstalk is Gone

Jack wants to return the goose to the sky castle.

He looks for the beanstalk.

But the beanstalk is not there.