About Level 3

Communicative Goals for Level 3

  • to listen,
  • to say
  • to do and show skill
  • to greet, take leave and call upon
  • to introduce self and others
  • to name words in topics
  • to express emotions 
  • to express likes
  • to express wants
  • to express have
  • to express to ask/answer questions 
  • to express to count and use numbers  
  • to express to reason 
  • to retell

Around School

Hansel and Gretel's Into the Forest

Hannah's Family Fun Day

Grace's Plans

Jack's Fires on the Farm

Rapunzel's The Dark Basement

Neven's Being Brave

Goldilock's Broken Arm

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1. The Young Prince

Neven is 17 years old.

He is a young prince who used to be a frog.

His sister broke the curse.

Rebus 1


2. Creepy Crawlers

It is 8:16. It’s breakfast time.

Neven has many creepy crawlers for his family.

He wants them to try new foods.

Rebus 2


3. Saying Goodbye

Neven finishes his breakfast

He says goodbye to his is family.

His sister tells him not to take candy from witches.

Rebus 3


4. The Magic Bag

Neven walks through the yard.

He meets Merlin the Magician.

Merlin gives him a magic bag.

Rebus 4


5. Frog Friends

Neven walks to the pond.

He sees his frog friends swimming in the water.

He gives his frog friends some magic candy.

Rebus 5


6. The Cursed-Forest

The frogs bring Neven to the cursed forest.

The trees are scary-looking.

Neven is scared but brave. He goes into the forest.

Rebus 6


7. Sticky Webs

There are spiders blocking the path.

Neven and his frog friends will have to get through the webs.

They must not get caught in the sticky web.

Rebus 7


8. The Scorpion’s Sting

There is a giant scorpion blocking the path.

Neven and his frog friends will have to defeat the scorpion.

They must not get stung.

Rebus 8


9. The Missing Girl

Neven and his friends were brave. They walked through the forest.

They got through the spiders’ sticky webs.

They fought and defeated the giant scorpion.

Rebus 9