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Getting Students READY!

  • Routines and habits
  • Engage, express and enjoy each interactions
  • Apply and automatize English expressions through everyday interactions 
  • Duration - Managing the time of interactions that allow for long term retention and ability to focus on the activity
  • Yearning to engage, express through English


Exercises, Activities and Task



  1. Greet students as they come into the classroom.
  2. Smile and make eye contact.
  3. Say hello to every student.
  4. Direct students to the seats.


Count to 5 


  1. Show student 1 finger and count ‘1’.
  2. Repeat for 2,3,4,5
  3. Wave one hand saying “hello”.
  4. Extended exercises by counting to 10.
  5. Wave 2 hands saying “hello”.  


Hello with Hands and Feet 


  1. Sit the students down.
  2. Look to see if they have good spacing between them.
  3. Complete simple instructions.
  4. Legs out.
  5. Hands down
  6. Bum up
  7. Wave and say hello.
  8. Switch hands and repeat.
  9. Wave with foot and say hello.
  10. Switch foot and say hello.
  11. Take a break
  12. Repeat with different combinations.

Writing Hello


  1. Get a pencil, marker, or crayon.
  2. Instruct proper use of the tool.
  3. Write an H. Down, down, across.
  4. Write an e. Around.
  5. Write a double l. Down, down.
  6. Write an O. Around.
  7. Wave and model the word.
  8. Read the word.
  9. Repeat the writing process.

Tip: You can change the speed of the activity to accommodate the learner’s pace.

Singing ‘What’s Your Name?’


  1. Listen and watch the song.
  2. Use TPR (Total Physical Response) to act out the song.
  3. Help students memorize the lyrics through repetition.

Tip – Suggest the song by playing it while students are doing a passive activity.

Pass the Ball


  1. Sit students in a circle.
  2. Give them a ball.
  3. play the “What’s your name song?”
  4. Stop the music and have the student say, ”My name is ***.”

Tip – You don’t need a ball. You can pass a flashcard or a piece of paper while sitting at the table. Use the resources and classroom setting that you have.

Line Up and Talk


  1. Say line up. Bring students into a line in front of you.
  2. Practice the routine until students have learned the process.
  3. Pass the question “What’s your name?” to the first student.
  4. The second student answers “My name is***.”
  5. Student 2 turns and asks the third student.
  6. Repeat for all students.
  7. The last student can ask the question to the sencond last student.
  8. Continue till the question reaches the teacher.

My Lesson Plan

Talk, write or draw about your teaching plan.


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