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Communicative Functions

  • More about our Language Functions
  • to interact through senses
  • to listen and use instructional language
  • to greet, take leave and call upon
  • to introduce self and others
  • to name and identify topical words¬†
  • to talk about possessions
  • to express emotions¬†
  • to express likes
  • to express wants
  • to express what you have
  • to ask/answer questions¬†
  • to count and use numbers¬†¬†
  • to reason¬†¬†¬†¬†

Four Skills

Listening and Speaking 

  • I can hear, produce and blend phonemes into words.¬†¬†
  • I can identify and name key topic words.
  • I can listen, say and remember phrases.
  • I can listen and sing parts of songs.
  • I can use words and patterns during interactions.
  • I can predict basic language patterns through interleaved interactions and context.
  • I can memorize and use language functions.
  • I can build meaning by combining phrases.

Reading and Writing

  • I can identify and name key topic words.
  • I can say/read and remember phrases.
  • I can access the meaning of phrases from activities and process
  • I can recognize graphemes and blend into decodable CVC words.
  • I can recognize high frequency and tricky words from the L1 list.¬†
  • I can read, understand and roughly translate pattern functions into the L1.
  • I can build meaning by combining phrases
  • ¬†


Words & Patterns


Songs 1  = 0%

Interactions ( Do ) 

1 Do = 0%




Phonics 1 = 0%


Exercises 1 = 0%

Story Plays


Write 1= 0%

These are for eye to image, sound to ear, and ear to tongue practice.

Some students will pick up on the advanced decoding skills before others.

  1. school, happy, book, coloring, read, play, game
  2. fish, bear, brown, look, hungry, candy, walking
  3. cookie, scared, eat, sliding, mouse, jump, fast, slow, swim
  4. pretty, girl, very, where, potatoes
  5. boy, Sue, sister, white, goodbye
  6. squeak, mice, birthday, for, under, tree, by, thank, these
  7. crying, young, make,
  8. fly, down, bread, purple, eating, play
  9. Fred, because, hairs, head, second, third, shirt, house, climbing, now, will
  10. goat, her, doe, fur, small, blue, flowers, front, monster, waiting, away, those
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