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Lyrics in Focus

1. Are You Sleeping?

Are You Sleeping? by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Are you sleeping? Baby bear?
  • The morning sun is rising.
  • Come and play.


  • Actions: waiting, come and play, rest, close your
  • Body: eyes
  • People: baby, together
  • World: world

2. My Teddy Bear

My Teddy Bear by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • My teddy bear has two eyes, two eyes, two eyes. 
  • My teddy bear has two eyes. I love my teddy bear.


  • Body: eyes, nose, ears, arms, legs, paws
  • Numbers: one, two, paws
  • Toy: teddy bear


Useful Language:

  • My teddy bear has ***.
  •  I love my teddy bear.

3. Once I Caught a Fish Alive

Once I Caught a Fish Alive by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • One, Two, Three, Four, Five,
  • Once I caught a fish alive,
  • Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
  • Then I let him go again.


  • Actions: caught, let it go, bite
  • Animals: fish
  • Body: finger
  • Numbers: one, two, three, four, five, 
  • Place: right
  • Time: Once

4. Over the Mountain

Over the Mountain by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • The bear went over the mountain (x3) 
  • to see what she could see. 
  • And all that she could see, (x2)
  • was the other side of the mountain( x3)
  • was all that she could see.


  • Actions: went, see, climbed
  • Adjectives: big
  • Animal: bear
  • Preposition: over, other side, across, through
  • World: mountain, river, tree

5. Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain By: Super Simple Songs

Basic Lyrics: 

  • Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.
  • Sister wants to play.
  • Rain, rain, go away.


  • Actions: go away, wants to play, come again
  • Weather: rain
  • People: Daddy, Mommy, Brother, Sister, baby, all the family

6. Do You Like Broccoli?

Do You Like Broccoli Ice cream? by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Do you like broccoli? Yes, I do. 
  • Do you like ice cream? Yes, I do. 
  • Do you like broccoli ice cream? No, I don’t. Yucky!


  • Food: spaghetti, yogurt, cookies, salad, tomatoes, pancakes, carrots, cereal

7. What Do You Like To Do?

What Do You Like To Do? by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • I like playing.
  • But I don’t like playing hide-and-sleep. 


  • Actions: dancing, swimming, drawing, cooking, riding a bike, running, reading, skiing, playing hide-and-seek, singing upside-down
  • Animals: bear, shark, dog, aardvark, bee, sheep
  • House: spoon
  • World: air, moon, tree,

8. Down by the Bay

Down By The Bay  by: Super Simple Songs

Basic Lyrics: 

  • Down by the bay. Where the watermelons grow. 
  • Back to my home. I dare not go.
  • For if I do, my mother will say
  • “Did you ever see a ***?”


  • Actions: grow, wearing, rowing, walking, combing
  • Animals: cat, goat, frog, dog, bear, llama, dragon
  • Body: hair
  • Clothes: hat, pajamas
  • People: mother
  • Transportation: boat, wagon
  • Food: watermelons

9. The Seasons Song

The Seasons Song by: Maple Leaf Learning

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Hello. Do you know what the four seasons are?
  • There’s spring, summer, fall and winter.
  • Let’s sing a song about the seasons.
  • Spring, summer, fall winter 
  • What’s your favorite season?


  • Adjectives: beautiful, juicy, yummy, cold
  • Food: cherries, chestnuts
  • Preposition: in the
  • Nature: Spring, summer, fall winter, tulips, snow

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