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  1. To Be (Public Memories)
    1. Me, You, Us
    2. We Seek
    3. To Care
  2. To Sense
    1. Sensed
    2. Flow with it
    3. Good, True, and Beautiful
  3. To Will
    1. Engage
    2. Express
    3. Experience


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Lyrics in Focus

1. What Color is the Sky?

What Color is the Sky? by: Koomakids

Lyrics in Focus:

  • What color is the sky?
  • It’s blue. It’s blue. It’s blue.


  • Food: an apple
  • Colors: blue, yellow, green, red
  • World: sky, sun, grass, apple

2. This is Where I Live

This is Where I Live By: PlayKids

Basic Lyrics: 

  • This is where I live, where I live, where I live.
  • This is the place I call home.
  • This is where I live, where I live, where I live.
  • But I don’t live here alone.


  • Action: live, choose
  • Colors: white, red
  • Adjectives: small, best, favorite
  • House: home, rooms, apartments
  • People: mom, dad, brother, friends, grandparents
  • Animals: bird
  • World: trees
  • Place: traffic, town, street, traffic
  • Work: house work

3. People in my Town

People in my Town by: Peter Weatherall

Lyrics in Focus:

  • I see the people in my town.
  • and I say,” Hey brother, what’s going down?” 


  • Actions: fighting fires, changing tires, flying through the air, cutting hair, putting folk in jail, teaching, acting, writing, asking
  • Jobs: firefighter, car mechanic, pilot, barber, postman, police, lifeguard, doctors, nurses, astronauts, judge, lawyers, actor, writer, chef
  • Places: jail, swimming pool, school, court, stage, page, restaurant, waiter
  • Prepositions: through, in, on


4. How’s the Weather?

How’s the Weather? by: Super Simple Songs

Basic Lyrics: 

  • How’s the weather? x2
  • How’s the weather today?
  • Is it sunny? Is it rainy? Is it cloudy? Is it snowy?


5. What’s the Time

What’s the Time? by: KidsTV123

Basic Lyrics: 

  • What’s the time? What’s the time? What’s the time?
  • It’s one o’clock.


  • Numbers: 1 to 12
  • Numbers 1 to 60.

6. Months of the Year

Months of the Year by: KidsTV123

Basic Lyrics: 

  • January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August, September, October, November, December


  • Time: months, year, 

7. Snowflake

Snowflake by: Super Simple Songs

Basic Lyrics: 

  • Snowflake, snowflake, little snowflake. Little snowflake falling from the sky. Snowflake, snowflake, little snowflake.
  • Falling, falling, falling, falling, falling,
  • falling, falling, falling, falling…falling on my head.


8. Where’s The Monkey

Where’s the Monkey? by: KidsTV123

Basic Lyrics: 

  • Where’s the monkey?
  • The monkey’s under the bed.


  • House: bed, drawer, TV, desk, door, 
  • Body: head
  • Sport: ball
  • Things: box
  • Preposition: under, in, on, in front of, over, next to, between

9. Eggs, Eggs

Egg, Eggs. We Like Eggs by: Rainbow Rabbit Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Eggs, eggs – we like eggs.


  • Food: eggs, hard-boiled, poached, scrambled

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