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Lyrics in Focus

1. What Color is the Sky?

What Color is the Sky? by: Koomakids

Lyrics in Focus:

  • What color is the sky?
  • It’s blue. It’s blue. It’s blue.


  • Food: an apple
  • Colors: blue, yellow, green, red
  • World: sky, sun, grass, apple

2. This is Where I Live

This is Where I Live By: PlayKids

Basic Lyrics: 

  • This is where I live, where I live, where I live.
  • This is the place I call home.
  • This is where I live, where I live, where I live.
  • But I don’t live here alone.


  • Action: live, choose
  • Colors: white, red
  • Adjectives: small, best, favorite
  • House: home, rooms, apartments
  • People: mom, dad, brother, friends, grandparents
  • Animals: bird
  • Nature: trees
  • Place: traffic, town, street, traffic
  • Work: house work

3. People in my Town

People in my Town by: Peter Weatherall

Lyrics in Focus:

  • I see the people in my town.
  • and I say,” Hey brother, what’s going down?” 


  • Actions: fighting fires, changing tires, flying through the air, cutting hair, putting folk in jail, teaching, acting, writing, asking
  • Jobs: firefighter, car mechanic, pilot, barber, postman, police, lifeguard, doctors, nurses, astronauts, judge, lawyers, actor, writer, chef
  • Places: jail, swimming pool, school, court, stage, page, restaurant, waiter
  • Prepositions: through, in, on


4. How’s the Weather?

How’s the Weather? by: Super Simple Songs

Basic Lyrics: 

  • How’s the weather? x2
  • How’s the weather today?
  • Is it sunny? Is it rainy? Is it cloudy? Is it snowy?


  • Actions: go, look
  • Weather: sunny, rainy, cloudy, Is it snowy
  • Places: Outside

5. What’s the Time

What’s the Time? by: KidsTV123

Basic Lyrics: 

  • What’s the time? What’s the time? What’s the time?
  • It’s one o’clock.


  • Numbers: 1 to 12
  • Numbers 1 to 60.

6. Months of the Year

Months of the Year by: KidsTV123

Basic Lyrics: 

  • January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August, September, October, November, December


  • Time: months, year, 

7. Snowflake

Snowflake by: Super Simple Songs

Basic Lyrics: 

  • Snowflake, snowflake, little snowflake. Little snowflake falling from the sky. Snowflake, snowflake, little snowflake.
  • Falling, falling, falling, falling, falling,
  • falling, falling, falling, falling…falling on my head.


  • Actions: falling
  • Body: head, nose, hand
  • Nature: snowflake, sky
  • Adjectives: little
  • Prepositions: from, on, in 

8. Where’s The Monkey

Where’s the Monkey? by: KidsTV123

Basic Lyrics: 

  • Where’s the monkey?
  • The monkey’s under the bed.


  • House: bed, drawer, TV, desk, door, 
  • Body: head
  • Sport: ball
  • Things: box
  • Preposition: under, in, on, in front of, over, next to, between

9. Eggs, Eggs

Egg, Eggs. We Like Eggs by: Rainbow Rabbit Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Eggs, eggs – we like eggs.


  • Food: eggs,hard-boiled, poached, scrambled

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