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Lyrics in Focus

1. How Old Are You?

How Old Are You? by: Fun Kids English

Lyrics in Focus: 

  • How old are you?
  • Are you eleven? Are you twelve?
  • How old are you?


2. Five Little Speckled Frogs

Five Little Speckled Frogs by: Super Simple Songs

Basic Lyrics: 

  • Five little speckled frogs – 
  • Sat on a speckled log – 
  • Eating some most delicious bugs. 
  • Yum Yum


  • Actions: sat, eating, jump
  • Number: Five, four, three, two, one
  • Nature: pool, log
  • Adjective: cool, delicious, speckled

3. This is Where I Live


This is Where I Live By: PlayKids

Lyrics in Focus:

  • This is where I live, where I live, where I live.
  • This is the place I call home.
  • This is where I live, where I live, where I live.
  • But I don’t live here alone.


  • Actions: live, choose
  • Colors: white, red
  • Adjectives: small, best, favorite
  • House: home, rooms, apartments
  • People: mom, dad, brother, friends, grandparents
  • Animals: bird
  • World: trees
  • Place: traffic, town, street, traffic
  • Work: house work

4. Castle Song


Castle Song by: MTJ Media

Lyrics in Focus: 

  • This is a king… 
  • and this is his throne, 
  • Where does he live? In a castle.


5. Are You Hungry?


Are you Hungry? by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Are you hungry?
  • Yes, I am.


6. Let’s Make a Pizza


Let’s Make a Pizza by: Maple Leaf Learning

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Let’s make a pizza, you and me.
  • I love pizza, it’s yummy.


7. I am a Pizza


I am a Pizza By: Unknown

Lyrics in Focus:

  • I am a pizza. From tomatoes, sauce is squeezed.
  • Onions and mushrooms. Oregano.
  • I am a pizza. Ready to go!


  • Actions: order, take me home, dropped on, 
  • Food: pizza, cheese, tomatoes, sauce, onions, mushrooms, oregano, pepperoni,
  • Home: phone
  • Places: out of, into, upside, on
  • World: ground

8. Who Took the Candy


Who Took the Candy? by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Who took the candy  from the trick-or-treat bag. 
  • Witch took the candy from the trick-or-treat bag.
  • Who me? Yes, you.
  • Not me!Then who?


9. Hide and Seek


Hide and Seek by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Hide and seek. x2
  • Let play hide and seek
  • Are you ready? Yeah! x2
  • Everybody hide.
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
  • Ready or not, here I come.


  • Actions: hide, seek
  • Numbers: one, two, three, four

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