Steps Forward

Are you here?

  1. To Be (Public Memories)
    1. Me, You, Us
    2. We Seek
    3. To Care
  2. To Sense
    1. Sensed
    2. Flow with it
    3. Good, True, and Beautiful
  3. To Will
    1. Engage
    2. Express
    3. Experience


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I am here.

Listen and Sing

Lyrics in Focus

1. Knock Knock Trick or Treat

Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Knock, knock. Trick or treat? 
  • Who are you? I’m a witch. 
  • I’m a little witch.


  • People: monster, ghost, witch, cowboy, ballerina, pirate

2. Are You Hungry?

Are you Hungry? by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Are you hungry?
  • Yes, I am.


3. The Elephant Song

The Elephant Songs by: EricHermanMusic

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Mice, I like mice.
  • I like how they say, “Hee haw, Hee haw.”
  • No, they go, “squeak, squeak.”


  • Actions: swing, swim, bark, scratch, purr, chasing, reach in, jump, sit, running, stomp
  • Animals: elephants, monkeys, fleas, dogs, cats, rooster, bears, fly, mice, donkey
  • Body: trunks
  • Food: honey, cheese,
  • People: mailman
  • Prepositions: through, up
  • Numbers: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, 
  • Sounds: cock-a-doodle-do, meow, hee-haw, squeak
  • Toys: maze
  • World: trees, ocean, lilypad

4. Do You Like Broccoli?

Do You Like Broccoli Icecream? by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Do you like broccoli? Yes, I do. 
  • Do you like ice cream? Yes, I do. 
  • Do you like broccoli ice cream? No, I don’t. Yucky!


  • Food: spaghetti, yogurt, cookies, salad, tomatoes, pancakes, carrots, cereal

5. What’s Your Favorite Color?

What’s Your Favorite Color by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Red. My favorite color’s red. I like red. I like red. 
  • My favorite color’s red. I like red. I like red.


  • Colors: blue, red, green, yellow, orange, purple

6. The Big Number Song

Big Number Song by: KidsTV123

Basic Lyrics: 

  • zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
  • eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty
  • thirty, forty fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred


7. On In Under

On In Under by: Maple Leaf Learning

Lyrics in Focus:

  • On, in, under. 
  • Clap, clap, clap.


8. Where’s The Monkey

Where’s the Monkey? by: KidsTV123

Basic Lyrics: 

  • Where’s the monkey?
  • The monkey’s under the bed.


  • House: bed, drawer, TV, desk, door, 
  • Body: head
  • Sport: ball
  • Things: box
  • Preposition: under, in, on, in front of, over, next to, between

9. Spooky Spooky

Spooky Spooky by: KidsTV123

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Spooky, spooky, very spooky. Oh, no! It’s a monster.
  •  Spooky, spooky, very spooky. What’s that? It’s a witch.


  • People: monster, ghost, skeleton

Season 2 – Songs – Progress

2 Songs = 0%

About Level 2

Communicative Goals for Level 2

  • to listen,
  • to say
  • to do and show skill
  • to greet, take leave and call upon
  • to introduce self and others
  • to name words in topics
  • to express emotions 
  • to express likes
  • to express wants
  • to express have
  • to express to ask/answer questions 
  • to express to count and use numbers  
  • to express to reason 
  • to retell

2.4 Grace

Students Will Have the Opportunity to:

Low Support

  • Read Grace 1 
  • Listen to songs

 High Support

  • Build meaning through exercises, activities and tasks 
  • Listen, sing and write about parts of some songs.

Scaffolded Interactions:

  1. Retell and Connect - Hansel and Gretel’s story, The cookie Man and Grace
  2. Brainstorm - candies in a candy shop
  3. Talk about Animals - Animals A to Z
  4. Compare Foods - I like this, but I don’t like that.
  5. Expressing Favorites - The red jelly beans are my favorite.
  6. Use Money - We need 100 coins because this is 10 coins, and that is 90 coins.
  7. Work for money - Put the candies in the box.
  8. Retell and Connect - The Very Hungry Monster, Hansel and Gretel and Grace
  9. Express wants - I don't want to work. I want to go home.