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Lyrics in Focus

1. What’s Your Name?

What’s Your Name? by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus: 

  • Hello, hello, what’s your name?
  • My name is Dan. Nice to meet you.
  • Let’s be friends.


  • People : Noodle, Blossom, Cheesy, Broccoli, Jelly, Kernel, friends

2. What Is It? Song

What Is It? Song by: Steve and Maggie

Lyrics in Focus:

  • What is it? What is it? 
  • I don´t know. 
  • Look! A door.


  • Action: look
  • House: door, window
  • People: boys, girls, I

3. Rock Scissors Paper 4

Rock Scissors Paper 4 by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Rock, scissors, paper. (x2) One, two, three. Play with me. Right hand scissors! Left hand scissors!
  • Two plus two equals four.


  • Game: Rock, scissors, paper
  • Number: zero, two, five
  • Math: plus, equals
  • Body: right and left hand

4. Hair

Hair by: Pancake Manor

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Hair. We love our hair.
  • Check out our hair. Hair.


  • Action: shampoo, brush, comb, blow dry
  • Body: hair, gel, spray, mousse

5. Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs by: Moonbug Kids

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Three little pigs. Three little pigs.
  • Three little little little, three little pigs.


  • Ordinal numbers: first, second, third
  • Animals: pigs, wolf
  • Size: little, big
  • House: straw house, house, sticks, bricks, stone, front door
  • Body: hair, chin, cheeks
  • Actions: built, blown, asked, smash, made from, stood, jump

6. The Clothing Song

The Clothing Song by: Maple Leaf Learning

Lyrics in Focus:

  • What’s she wearing? She’s wearing a pink dress. 
  • What’s he wearing? He’s wearing a blue shirt. 
  • How about her? She’s wearing a green skirt.


  • Actions: wearing
  • Clothes: dress, shirt, skirt, pants, hats, shoes
  • Colors: pink, blue, green, gray, white, purple
  • People: She, him/he, her, them, it, you

7. What’s The Time?

8. In Front of, Behind, Between

In Front of, Behind, Between by: Maple Leaf Learning

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Let’s sing a song about ‘in front of, behind, between.”
  • in front of, behind, behind, between 
  • Where’s the dog? In front of the house.


  • Animals: dog, duck, frog, goat, at
  • Clothes: shoe
  • House: house, fence
  • Prepositions: in front of, behind, behind, between
  • Nature: tree, rocks
  • Transportation: truck

9. Five Little Monkeys

Five Little Monkeys by: Pancake Manor

 Lyrics in Focus:

  • Five little monkeys jumping on the bed
  • one fell off and bumped his/her head
  • Mama called the doctor…


  • Actions: jumping on the bed, fell off, called the doctor, danced
  • Animals: monkeys
  • Body: head
  • Numbers: five, four, three, two, one
  • People: Mama, 
  • Jobs: doctor

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