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  1. To Be (Public Memories)
    1. Me, You, Us
    2. We Seek
    3. To Care
  2. To Sense
    1. Sensed
    2. Flow with it
    3. Good, True, and Beautiful
  3. To Will
    1. Engage
    2. Express
    3. Experience


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Lyrics in Focus

1. What’s Your Name?

What’s Your Name? by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus: 

  • Hello, hello, what’s your name?
  • My name is Dan. Nice to meet you.
  • Let’s be friends.


  • People : Noodle, Blossom, Cheesy, Broccoli, Jelly, Kernel, friends

2. What Is It? Song

What Is It? Song by: Steve and Maggie

Lyrics in Focus:

  • What is it? What is it? 
  • I don´t know. 
  • Look! A door.


3. Rock Scissors Paper 4

Rock Scissors Paper 4 by: Super Simple Songs

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Rock, scissors, paper. (x2) One, two, three. Play with me. Right hand scissors! Left hand scissors!
  • Two plus two equals four.


  • Game: Rock, scissors, paper
  • Number: zero, two, five, plus, equals
  • Body: right and left hand

4. Hair

Hair by: Pancake Manor

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Hair. We love our hair.
  • Check out our hair. Hair.


  • Action: shampoo, brush, comb, blow dry
  • Tools: hair, gel, spray, mousse

5. Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs by: Moonbug Kids

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Three little pigs. Three little pigs.
  • Three little little little, three little pigs.


  • Actions: built, blown, asked, smash, made from, stood, jump
  • numbers: first, second, third
  • Animals: pigs, wolf
  • Size: little, big
  • House: straw house, house, sticks, bricks, stone, front door
  • Body: hair, chin, cheeks

6. The Clothing Song

The Clothing Song by: Maple Leaf Learning

Lyrics in Focus:

  • What’s she wearing? She’s wearing a pink dress. 
  • What’s he wearing? He’s wearing a blue shirt. 
  • How about her? She’s wearing a green skirt.


  • Actions: wearing
  • Clothes: dress, shirt, skirt, pants, hats, shoes
  • Colors: pink, blue, green, gray, white, purple
  • People: She, him/he, her, them, it, you

7. What’s The Time?

What’s the Time by: KidsTV123

Basic Lyrics: 

  • What’s the time? What’s the time? What’s the time?
  • It’s one o’clock.


8. In Front of, Behind, Between

In Front of, Behind, Between by: Maple Leaf Learning

Lyrics in Focus:

  • Let’s sing a song about ‘in front of, behind, between.”
  • in front of, behind, behind, between 
  • Where’s the dog? In front of the house.


9. Five Little Monkeys

Five Little Monkeys by: Pancake Manor

 Lyrics in Focus:

  • Five little monkeys jumping on the bed
  • one fell off and bumped his/her head
  • Mama called the doctor…


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