Relevant Realizations:

  • Listen.
  • Dance.
  • Sing.
  • Be the music.

General Practices:

  • Hear the music
  • Feel the music
  • Resonate with music
  • Move with the music
  • Interact with the music.
  • Be captured by it here, now, and together.
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How We Use Songs

Songs are a key component of my teaching method. I curate, learn, and sing songs that align with the language presented in the syllabus. I include one song per lesson. I usually present songs passively to the students when they are performing creative tasks like drawing, coloring, block building or playing pair games. I know some of the suggested songs are effective when I hear the students actively singing them.  I also have a Top 10 List of songs that I actively teach and repetitively recycle through multiple courses.  I use the Top 10 songs for dictations to help students decode sounds and confirm the language they hear. At home, the curated songs are the primary source of aural input. Students are awarded a monthly song badge when they have proven to demonstrate skills and knowledge of a song that they invested their time into learning.

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