Season 3

Steps Forward

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S3E1 - Around School

1. Nice to Meet You

  • Let’s talk to our friends.
  • Hello. Hi
  • What’s your name? My name is jack. 
  • Nice to meet you.

2. Days, Months and Birthdays

  • Today we will be learning about our days, months, and birthdays. 

3. Working Together

  • What do you like to do?
  • I like making paper airplanes.


4. Todays’ Lesson

  • Can you quietly read for 1 minute?

5. Let’s Practice

  • Let's learn.
  • Let's play and read.
  • Let's read and write.
  • Let's do it together.

6. Materials + Tools = Projects

  • Let's do a project.
  • We will need these tools.
  • We will need those materials

7. Check This Out

  • I read this book.
  • I did it in 23 seconds.
  • We made this block house.

8. Things I’ve Done

  • What’s the date?
  • What did we do today?
  • How was it?

9. Around School

  • Today we are going to walk to school.
  • We have to walk together. 
  • We have to pick the way to go. 


S3E2 - Into the Forest

1. The Locked Door

  • Hansel and Gretel are in the basement. 
  • They want to go home.
  • They see a door, but it is locked.

2. No More Candy

  • Hansel and Gretel climb up into the candy shop.
  • They see their favorite candies.
  • They are hungry, but they don’t want any more candy.

3. Into the Forest

  • Hansel and Gretel escape from Grace’s candy shop.
  • They tiptoe into the forest.
  • Grace doesn’t see them.

4. Being Lost

  • Hansel and Gretel walk back into the forest.
  • They see and hear a lot of animals.
  • They don’t know where they are.

5. A Compass

  • Hansel and Gretel run far from the shop.
  • Hansel takes his compass out from his pocket.
  • He looks for a way home.


6. Finding Things

  • Hansel and Gretel come to a waterfall. 
  • Gretel finds her jump rope on a mat. 
  • Hansel finds his fishing rod next to the river.

7. At the River 

  • Hansel uses his fishing rod to catch fish for dinner.
  • He catches two fish. 
  • He’s happy.

8. A Tent

  • Gretel uses her jump rope and the mat to make a tent.
  • Now they have a tent to sleep in.
  • She feels proud.

9. Camping 

  • Hansel and Gretel are camping.
  • They have a tent to sleep in and fish to eat.
  • They are happy.

S3E3 - Family Fun Day

1. A Family Fun Day 

  • It’s Wednesday, May 3rd.
  • It is 7:50 AM. 
  • Hannah is planning a Family Fun Day.

2. Eating Breakfast

  • It is 8:10 AM.  
  • It is breakfast time. 
  • Hannah has some fruit for her father, mother and brother.

3. Buying Clothes

  • It is 9:23 AM. 
  • Hannah is at Grandma G’s clothing shop. 
  • She buys a new dress.

4. Taking Pictures

  • It is 11:31 AM.
  • It is time for family pictures.
  • Hannah stands between her mom and her dad.

5. Getting Lunch

  • It’s 12:00 (noon).
  • It is lunchtime.
  • Hannah takes her family out to a restaurant.

6. Playing Games

  • It’s 1:44 PM. 
  • It is game time. 
  • Hannah has everyone’s favorite game.

7. Singing Songs

  • It’s 5:55 PM. 
  • It's time to sing. 
  • Hannah is happy when she sings for her family.

8. Going to Bed

  • It’s 9:45 PM. 
  • Hannah is sleepy.
  • She walks up to her bedroom.

9. Making a Wish

  • It is 10:00 PM.
  • Hannah sees a star up in the sky.
  • She makes a wish.

S3E4 - Grace's Plan

1. An Old Woman

  • Grace was sad because she was old.
  • She didn’t want to be old. 
  • She wanted to be young.

2. At Rapunzel’s Window

  • Grace went to Rapunzel’s bedroom.
  • She saw Rapunzel sleeping in her bed. 
  • Grace took Rapunzel.

3. The Frog Prince

  • Grace saw a prince in front of her house. 
  • She gave him some candy.
  • The prince turned into a frog.

4. An Age Potion

  • First, Grace made an age potion.
  • Next, She drank  95ml (milliliters). 
  • Finally, she kissed the frog for 55 seconds.

5. A New Plan

  • Grace is hiding under Neven’s bedroom window.
  • She doesn’t want him to find Rapunzel.
  • She thinks of a new plan.

6. Cursing the Forest

  • Grace goes to the forest.
  • She puts a spell on the trees.
  • Now the trees are spooky.

7. Cursing the Spiders

  • Next, Grace goes to the spiders.
  • She puts a spell on them.
  • Now they will try to catch Neven.

8. Cursing the Scorpion

  • After that, Grace goes to the giant scorpion.
  • She puts a spell on it.
  • Now it will try to sting Neven.

9. Grace’s Day

  • Grace walks to Rapunzel’s Tower.
  • She set her traps. 
  • She put a spell on the trees, the spiders, and the giant scorpion.

S3E5 - Fires on the Farm

1. An Early Start

  • It's 6:00 o’clock in the morning. 
  • The McDonalds are in the kitchen
  • They are eating their breakfast.

2. Work and Play

  • Jack is helping his mother.
  • He is gathering the eggs.
  • He can play after he finishes his work.

3. Watering the Garden

  • It is a cool morning. 
  • Jack is in the garden. 
  • He is watering all the plants.

4. The Farmer’s Market

  • The McDonalds are in front of their house.
  • They are setting up their tables.
  • They are getting ready for their market.

5. Hot Days

  • It’s a hot afternoon. 
  • It is 34.5 degrees celsius.
  • Jack is playing ball with Bingo. 
  • He is sweating.

6. Fires on the Farm

  • The grass is too dry.
  • The grass is turning yellow.
  • The grass is starting on fire.
  • Jack has to put out the fires before they get too big.

7. Getting Help

  • Jack told his dad about the fire.
  • They are getting hoses.
  • They will fight the fire.

8. Fighting Fires

  • Jack and Bill are fighting the fires.
  • They are protecting their farm.
  • They are farmers, but they are firefighters too.

9. The Beanstalk is Gone

  • Jack wants to put the goose back.
  • Jack is looking for the beanstalk, but it's gone. 
  • It has burnt down.

S3E6 - The Dark Basement

1. Our Baby Girl

  • This is our baby girl.
  • We looked everywhere, but we couldn't find her.
  • She’s gone.

2. Visits From Aunt Grace

  • Grace comes to Rapunzel’s tower every day around 11:00 AM. 
  • Rapunzel always asks her if she can go outside.
  • Grace always says no.

3. A Little Green Man

  • Rapunzel never goes down the stairs.
  • She always hears strange noises at night.
  • She’s afraid.


4. Dark But Brave

  • Rapunzel sees bones on the ground.
  • She’s afraid, but she’s brave.  
  • She walks down the stairs.


5. I Can Hear You

  • She walks to the bottom of the stairs. 
  • It’s dark. It’s hard to see.  
  • She hears something move.

6. Grog

  • A little green goblin comes out.
  • He puts a puzzle on the table.
  • He asks Rapunzel for help.


7. A Puzzle

  • Rapunzel moves the pieces back and forth.
  • She puts the small pieces on the big pieces.
  • She finishes the puzzle after 63 moves. 


8. A Prize

  • Rapunzel gets some string and a hook.
  • She braids the string into a rope.
  • She ties the rope to the hook with a knot.

9. Climbing Down

  • Rapunzel climbs down from the tower.
  • She looks all around.
  • She loves being outside.

S3E7 - Being Brave

1. Pizza Party

  • It’s lunch time. 
  • Neven has made pizza for his family.
  • He loves putting flies on his pizza.

2. I am a Prince

  • Neven finishes eating his lunch 
  • He says goodbye to his family.
  • His sister says, “Don’t eat any magic candy.”

3. The Magic Bag

  • Neven walks through the yard.
  • He meets Merlin the Magician.
  • Merlin gives him a magic bag.

4. The Magic Map

  • Neven makes a wish.
  • He wishes for a map to Rapunzel.
  • He finds a map to Rapunzel in the bag.

5. Frog Friends

  • Neven walks to the pond.
  • He sees his frog friends swimming in the water.
  • He gives them some magic candy.


6. Be Brave

  • Neven and his frog friends walk to the forest. 
  • They see the spooky trees. 
  • They are scared but brave.

7. The King Spider

  • There are spiders between the branches.
  • Neven and his frog friends will have to jump over the spiders.
  • They must not get caught in the sticky web.

8. A Giant Scorpion

  • There is a giant scorpion in front of them.
  • Neven and his frog friends will have to defeat the scorpion.
  • They must not get stung.


9. Neven's Day

  • Neven and his friends were brave. 
  • They walked through the forest.
  • They got through the spiders’ sticky webs.
  • They fought and defeated the giant scorpion.

S3E8 - A Broken Arm

1. Waking Up

  • Goldilocks is sleeping in the smallest bed.
  • She has a scary dream. 
  • She wakes up and sees a bear looking down at her.

2. Running Through the House

  • Goldilocks runs down the stairs.
  • Then, she runs through the living room.
  • After that, she runs through the dining room and out the door.

3. Shut the Door

  • Goldilocks runs outside.
  • She shuts the door before the bear can get out.
  • She is scared, but she feels a bit safer.

4. The Ride Home

  • There is water on the ground.
  • The road is slippery.
  • It is dangerous to ride a bike when the road is slippery.

5. The Big Slip

  • Goldilocks is going too fast.
  • She hits a big puddle of water 
  • The bike slides and she falls down.

6. My Right Arm Hurts

  • Goldilocks’ arm hurts.
  • She feels dizzy.
  • She is hurt, but she carries her bike home.

7. What’s Wrong?

  • Goldilocks goes to the hospital with her mom.
  • The doctor looks at her arm.
  • The doctor takes an x-ray of her arm.

8. A Broken Arm

  • Goldilocks looks at the xray.
  • She can see two broken bones.
  • The nurse puts a cast on her right arm.

9. A Cast 

  • Goldilocks broke her right arm when she fell.
  • She went to the hospital with her mom.
  • The doctor took an x-ray and then put a cast on her arm.

S3E9 - I Met a Girl

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S3E10 - Winter is Coming

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