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The Brown Bears

Brown Bears

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Hansel and Gretel

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Students Will:

  1. SOLVE riddles about Hansel and Gretel. PLAY “DaVinci Code.”
  2. MAKE a picture rebus.
  3. PLAY “Sprint to the Forest.”
  4. PLAY and EXPLAIN “Animal Memory and Forest Puzzle.”
  5. USE a compass.
  6. FIND items for camping.
  7. JUMP over the river.
  8. MAKE a tent.
  9. GO CAMPING outside.

and MORE

Check out our classroom pictures.


1. The Locked Door

2. No More Candy

3. Into the Forest

4. Being Lost

5. Hansel’s Compass

6. Finding Things

7. At the River

8. Our Tent

9. Camping in the Forest

Home » Read » 3 Read » R Into the Forest