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1. Good morning. I’m Hansel.

  • A: Good morning Rohnny.
  • A: Good morning Jaymen.
  • A: The sun is up.
  • A: So it is time to get up.
  • B: Go away.

2. Breakfast

  • I eat
  • I eat cereal
  • I eat cereal for breakfast
  • I eat cereal for breakfast in the morning .

3. He is our dad.

  • A: She is my mom.
  • A: He is my brother.
  • A: He is my dad.
  • A: She is my grandma
  • A: They are my cousins.

4. We like to walk in the forest.

  • A: We are in the forest.
  • A: We’re looking for berries.
  • A: We like to eat blue berries.
  • A: They are yummy.

5. There are many animals today.

  • A: I’m scared.
  • A: There is a bear in the forest.
  • A: I don’t want to die.
  • B: Come on. There isn’t a bear.

6. What do you see?

  • A: What do you see?
  • B: I see a frog.
  • B: It is a big frog.
  • B: I want to get it.
  • A: Yuck.

7. Look! A cookie man.

  • A: What do you have?
  • B: I have brown paper, a pencil, markers and a scissors.
  • A: What are you making?
  • B: I am making a cookie man.

8. Fast and Slow

  • A: Let’s run.
  • B: Who is faster?
  • A: Are you ready?
  • B: 3, 2, 1 – Go!
  • Winner: I am fast. You are slow.

9. What’s this?

  • A: A store.
  • A: Let’s go to the store.
  • B: Not today. Let’s go home.
  • A: Please, let’s go and look.

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