We Will Do:

  • Make the puzzle.
  • Count the pieces.
  • Talk about the letters.
  • Use target language to work together.
  • Name the images with each letter.
  • Read and write some of the keywords.
  • Journal about the experience.

Are you here?






Click the box.

I am here.

Language in Use:

A Puzzle

Sequence of Target Language:

  • A puzzle.
  • It is a puzzle.
  • Let’s make a puzzle.
  • Let’s count.
  • 1 2 3 4.


  1. Students can name the the content.
  2. Students can count the piece.
  3. Students understand suggestions

Where is B?

Sequence of Target Language:

  • Where is B?
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


  1. Students can name all letters.
  2. Students can listen and find the the next letter in the ABC sequence.


Who has A?

Sequence of Target Language:

  • I have A.
  • Who has B?
  • I have B.
  • Who has C?


  1. Students can say what they have.
  2. Students can ask “Who has b?”

What this?

Sequence of Target Language:

  • What this?
  • It a ***. It’s an.


  1. Students can identify images by name
  2. Students can answer the what and where about the puzzle.

ambulance, bike, car, dinosaur, elephant, flowers, guitar, helicopter, island, jewel, koala, lemon, music, nose, ocean, penguin, quesadilla, robot, sun, train, unicorn, violin, wigwam, xylophone, yoyo, zebra