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I am here.

My Hand

Language in Use:

  • OK!
  • paper, please. or Give me paper, please.
  • Here. Here you go. Here you are.  
  • Hand up. Up. Hand up. Good.
  • Hand down. down. Hand down good.
  • Yes. On the paper. Put your hand on the paper. Good
  • Now. Pencil. Get your pencil. Trace.
  • Trace up. Trace down. Trace up. Trace down. Good.
  • Are you Finished? I’m Finished.
  • Now, let’s use a marker. Let’s trace your hand. Good.
  • Now, let’s use scissors. Let’s cut the hand out.
  • Cut, cut, cut. Good. 
  • Are you finished. Good!
  • My hand. This is my hand.
  • Now, let’s write your name on your hand.
  • Are you finished? Did you do it?