Starting up or Not?

Video Notes
  • 3 months till moving out
  • uncertainty about next steps and fuel for the projects, not easy being in my roles
  • having gratitude to Wonderland (hagwon) for the opportunity to negotiating my career
  • Gaewon for paychecks so I could focus on design
  • study-room for the the opportunity to link a series of lessons
  • to govern myself in my roles, the ups and downs of a rollercoaster as a school owner and realness of the situations
  • cleaning up
  • sacrifice and fear
  • health
  • going forward
  • failure
  • knowing yourself
  • evaluation
  • get better at thinking and applying the right resources at the right time for the right reasons

Should you start a study room or not?


The Dad, Creative Kid and Other Roles

Video Notes
  • lifestyle is important
  • having time for things
  • balancing my roles, creative kids, dad, teacher,
  • Remember and telling personal stories to my sons and students
  • I can’t remove me from my service.
  • Is a problem for a business? (what business)
  • I know about myself and how to use better constraints for how I want to be in my school
  • I teach 1 theme at three different levels, so I don’t have to sell 50 different products to 50 different clients.
  • I can be a bad dad because I am too much of teacher. If I can’t decouple the two roles, then help my sons to understand my roles
  • I need to consider where the start and end points are with my teaching my sons at Burton’s English school

How will a language school be a vehicle for who you want to be?