Daechi Wonderland

Thinking Back


  • Thankful, five years, pros and cons, 20 years of perspective, Wonderland is gone, brand staying power, a picture from my 20s, soft skin, brown bear, a friend’s recommendation, matched me to the job, good with kids, nice to hear, being good at, music to my ears, DeVry resume, Unix, C++, wanted a young man, special achievements, most outstanding volunteer, no push back?, best defensive football player, a team player? Work hard/play hard?, military man, Bronze medal, Saskatchewan, winter Games, 1998, hard worker, determined, honorable mention in acting lol, No teaching experience, 20 years of being a student, a fool who can learn, plane tick, housing, pay check, severance package, lunch bonus, clockwork, negotiated raises, high turnover rate, head teacher, vehicle to pay off my debt, something to bridge the gap between work life and university life, interesting life with young boys and girls, no training and certificates, no long term references, skilled with a textbook, needed a new challenge, stagnant wages since my 2008, stagnant conditions, learn to be isolated, by myself, for myself, compared it to Canada, friends and family with communities, financial aid/structures, Being a migrant, hagwon life, roles, tools, dangerous to be too long, how to build a family/community, migrant mentality, interesting ideas, school website, not part of a teaching group, the hand bends inward, cant change it, loved it, waters constantly changing,