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How would you apply the 3D-CG Assessment to UNO?

X plane –  Duration

  • playing once, getting over the hump, monthly repetition, occasional play when chosen
  • becoming fluent with procedural knowledge
  • raising awareness of phonemes, colors, numbers and language usage for game play
  • linking procedural knowledge and language usage
  • overcoming social challenges to negotiate a joyful game play experience from start to finish

Y plane – Engagement

  • sorting cards by color and number
  • playing without action cards
  • playing without teacher
  • adding action cards with/without teacher /
  • increase levels of task actualization with each round of play
  • adding strategies and rules to overcome social challenges
  • choosing UNO as a desirable game to play with others

Z plane – Real Word Application

  • spatial reasoning – getting and giving cards
  • fine motor skills – holding, organizing and playing cards 
  • patience – waiting for others to take turns 
  • self express – articulating thoughts to navigate game play
  • self asses – adapting knowledge and skills to the game play
  • self regulation – using and creating rules to maintain joyful engagement
  • self reflections – Use experience to formulate different action plans
  • demonstrate maturity – ability to navigate social interaction 
Home » People » Robert Shoichi Murphy