Gladys Burton

Skidoo Shack

We spend time out at the skidoo shack. It was a small little cottage out near the river on my grandparent’s land. 

  • The Thunder Bucket – There wasn’t a toilet in the cottage. We had to go in the bucket. 
  • The Outhouse – There was a toilet. We had to dig a hole in the ground.
  • Barrels – I remember walking on a barrel.
  • A badger – I remember talks of a badger. I was always on the look out for them, but never saw one.
  • Mice and frogs – I would always find mice and frogs. I would ALWAYS scare grandma with them. I normally tried to hunt the mice.
  • ATVs – We had a ATV. We drove to fast over the road and all flew off. Fun, but almost died.
  • Games – We would always games like uno and triominoes. Grandma always played game with us.
  • Toffee – There was was toffee on the table. I ate it and it pull my cap on my tooth. 
  • Dress-up – My sisters and I would always put on grandma’s clothes.
  • Garden – Grandma kept a big garden.
  • Skidoo rides, hot chocolate and cold hands and feet


Jim Burton

Skidoo Shack


  • fought in WW2
  • Injured
  • returned home