C Wheel


to observe students interests, talents, abilities and attitude towards other students, teachers and curriculum goals and interactions

Teachers – What type of care do you aim to provide for your students at each level you work with? How are you practicing self-care?


to establish and maintain community norms: to cooperate, communicate and collaborate in a positive and supportive manner

Teachers – How are you building better communities for the students? What is effective for for the individuals and group?

Course Map

to be intentional with the opportunities for children to acquire and learn language

Teachers – How do your methods, philosophy and skills align with schoolā€™s roadmap?


to connect what they are doing and learning in ways that develop language acquisition

Teachers – Describe how your teaching connects to what the children are learning and experiencing in their lives.


to make language learning meaningful, practical and adaptable for each student

Teachers – Describe how the methods and procedures you follow are conducive to meaningful and engaging interactions.


to provide opportunities to participate in activities that allow for students talents and interests to emerge

Teachers – How are your bringing your philosophy and self into the studentā€™s world?


to arouse and maintain childrenā€™s curiosity by allowing students to be apart of the curriculum design process through student generated content

Teachers – What strategies are you using to make the context, content and interactions more compelling to your students?


to better understand students abilities through participation, observation, evaluation and curation of students’ work

Teachers – How are you confident that the students are being challenged effectively at each level you are teaching?