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2023 - Reflect on TESOL.

Encouraging Quotes

A Few Thoughts:

  • I struggled learning through my elementary school. My mom’s daily presence helped me find my own angle on learning.
  • Young Min’s illustrations helped me bring my imagination to paper.
  • 3+ years of conversations with Phil Brown through iTDi’s TESOL course align my curriculum and my craft.
  • My school has provided me with a means to be of service to the community i serve.
  • My family continues learning to be ourselves in the world.

Have a better 2023

Influential friends, family and colleagues

  • Vi Burton – stability in life and learning
  • Students – my service
  • Kim Young Min – creative control of content
  • Philip Shigeo Brown – Teaching Mentor 2019 to 2022
  • Gratitude towards Mr. Won at Wonderland for those first years worth of steps into my teaching career.
  • Gratitude towards Gaewon Elementary for the opportunity to build an English Village.

2021 – Career

2022 – Slow and Steady

2022 – HSU – Starting Up or Not


  • Timeline - Notable moments to help me remember the years of progress down different paths.
  • Study Room Theme Stack: Sharing thoughts as I transition between Burton School 1 and Burton School 2. (2022)

2023 – TESOL – My Cutting Edge

How are you applying what you learned in iTDi's TESOL course?