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Season 1

1.4 Hungry Monster

Stuffed Monster – I gave my students a stuffed monster to identify body parts (two eyes, one mouth, a nose, legs, and arms). All the boys identified the body parts (as requested) and then wreaked havoc on the stuffed monster (seek and destroy). I could see the sparkles in their eyes. The girls did not follow. I did allow the boys some a second to wreak havoc. Could/should I deny them that sparkle? 


Coloring a monster and a caterpillar A girl referred to how two girls copied (colored each other picture identically) each other. I sensed she felt out of the group. A few classes later, the girl, who I felt was out of the group, had successfully negotiated the same strategy with her friend. I sensed their rapport. Then the girls, who felt a sense of pride in their work (task actualization), challenged me to identify the owner of each picture. They were surprised that I could guess. I laughed and let them in on my superpowers (finding what’s different). Now I will be watching to see if they picked up my strategy. 

Kids are fascinating.

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