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  1. To Be (Public Memories)
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    3. To Care
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    2. Flow with it
    3. Good, True, and Beautiful
  3. To Will
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A Few Thoughts

  • I struggled through elementary school. My mom’s daily presence helped me overcome my learning challenges in school.
  • 3+ years of conversations with Phil Brown through iTDi’s TESOL course helped me discover my teaching voice.
  • Working with Young Min’ through illustrations has provided me a lot of creative control with the content I use.
  • I love the stability that friends, family, and colleagues bring to my life and work.

Have a better 2022


Ben E. King – Stand By Me


Nate Hagens – Energy Blind

People: Nate Hagens

The Psychological Drivers of the Metacrisis

Tao Te Ching

Concept: Taoism

Alliance for Responsible Citizenship

What went wrong when society grew beyond Dunbar’s number


Dunbar number – groups stayed under the Dunbar. How do communities organize people so they can optimize there systems. Know and trust people. Tribal community – good for the individual and good for the family.  Forced transparency. Liking doesn’t get you ahead because it gets seen.  Larger communities are more for shady doing because it isn’t as easy to follow-up. Communication protocol – sit around the table to discuss laws and direction. Beyond the Dunbar, we have binding energy and cleaving (splitting). Things changed – we could just migrate away. Less land. We couldn’t not use tech, like the plow,

All the cell – are all self organized to work pushing and pulling. Governing at me, family, local communities, nation government, world governance(a process)  which is scared of no check and balances

Government at the city level? Proximity to resources and skills. people can sense and have some agency over where they live. Not be at war, but effective enough that most boat rise with the tides

Civilization fail from lack of communication and coordination. They can’t make good decision. Or fails on the side of authority. Toggle between order via oppression and chaos

Oppression is the best practice with tight constraints.

Chaos is into the unknown of the complexity of human condition

Can we have an emergent governance rather than oppose. What would emergent order look like?

China has done great things with its authoritarian best practices. Imposed order.

Moving away from forever monarch, but nobody does long term planning,

All big plans can’t get tackle big problem.

Work towards long term planvia emergent without the dictator

Global Government – The Gathering of Elites


We have had a group of global elites who have created a lot of wonderful systems that work together.
Communities coordinate without a center.
We work together to work and share.

Elites push agenda.
They work together to build a more significant thing.
Slowly strengthen the governance of the community.
Watching out for power grabs and abuse of power

Elites lose grasp of the local realities.
Elites sell an idea with disregard for the suffering it causes.

Hitler- Sold the idea of a better world.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

if we value global governance, then it must be a safeguard
against Interstellar colonization.
It changes who we are and what we value.

Ancient cultures are quite different from what we are now.
They thought differently.
We changed a lot.
Future Humanity will be different than now.
The Age of EM


Elites > Heroes > champions > Giants > Dark and White Knights