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About Level 2

Communicative Goals for Level 2

  • to listen,
  • to say
  • to do and show skill
  • to greet, take leave and call upon
  • to introduce self and others
  • to name words in topics
  • to express emotions 
  • to express likes
  • to express wants
  • to express have
  • to express to ask/answer questions 
  • to express to count and use numbers  
  • to express to reason 
  • to retell

2.4 Grace

Students Will Have the Opportunity to:

Low Support

  • Read Grace 1 
  • Listen to songs

 High Support

  • Build meaning through exercises, activities and tasks 
  • Listen, sing and write about parts of some songs.

Scaffolded Interactions:

  1. Retell and Connect - Hansel and Gretel’s story, The cookie Man and Grace
  2. Brainstorm - candies in a candy shop
  3. Talk about Animals - Animals A to Z
  4. Compare Foods - I like this, but I don’t like that.
  5. Expressing Favorites - The red jelly beans are my favorite.
  6. Use Money - We need 100 coins because this is 10 coins, and that is 90 coins.
  7. Work for money - Put the candies in the box.
  8. Retell and Connect - The Very Hungry Monster, Hansel and Gretel and Grace
  9. Express wants - I don't want to work. I want to go home.


1. Hello children.

안녕 꼬마들.

나는 그레이스야.

이것은 나의 사탕 가게야.

2. Are you hungry?

너 배고프니?

난 내 가게에 사탕이 아주 많아.

3. Look at all these sweets.

내 애완동물 쥐는 이 젤리빈들을 먹는것을 사랑해.

넌 뭘 좋아해?

4. These jelly beans are yummy.

난 이 초콜렛은 좋지만 이 솜사탕은 좋아하지 않아.


5. I like jelly beans too.

나는 이 젤리빈들을 좋아해.

나는 빨강색을 가장 좋아해.

6. Do you have any money?

너 돈 좀 있니?

그 사탕들을 먹으려면 동전이 필요해.

7. It’s time to work.

젤리빈들을 저기 박스들에 넣어주세요.

8. What’s on the roof?

헝그리 몬스터는 지금 어디있을까요?

내 지붕에서 내려와.

9. Brother. I don’t want to work.

오빠, 난 일하기가 싫어.

난 집에 가고 싶어.

10. Review

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