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1. 2 The Brown Bears

Students Will:

  1. SING “Brown Bear.”
  2. PLAY Animal Memory game.
  3. MAKE a forest puzzle.
  4. DRAW a bear.
  5. MAKE bear art.
  6. PLAY Angry Birds.
  7. SING 10 little Fishes.
  8. WALK in the forest.
  9. CATCH fish from a river.
  10. READ and WRITE patterns 1.2.

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2.2 Hansel and Gretel

Students Will:

  1. TALK about Hansel, Gretel and hobbies.
  2. SET the table.
  3. TALK about family. 
  4. Sing “Walking in the Forest.”
  5. PLAY Animal Memory.
  6. MAKE a forest puzzle.
  7. Go FISHING and PLAY outside.
  8. HAVE a race.
  9. SOLVE the house riddle.

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2.6 Grace

Students Will:

  1. Ask and ANSWER questions about Grace.
  2. SING  “Are you Hungry?”
  3. DRAW and LABEL animals.
  4. COMPARE candies. 
  5. COUNT money.
  6. PLAY Connect Four.
  7. SORT candies in the box.
  8. RETELL “The Hungry Monster.” 
  9. RETELL Hansel and Gretel’s story.

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Students Will:

  1. SOLVE riddles about Hansel and Gretel. PLAY “DaVinci Code.”
  2. MAKE a picture rebus.
  3. PLAY “Sprint to the Forest.”
  4. PLAY and EXPLAIN “Animal Memory and Forest Puzzle.”
  5. USE a compass.
  6. FIND items for camping.
  7. JUMP over the river.
  8. MAKE a tent.
  9. GO CAMPING outside.

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1. The Locked Door

Language in Use:

  • RETELL – Hansel and Gretel went into the forest. They saw many animals. They found a candy house.
  • RETELL – They ate lots of candy, but they didn’t have any money so they worked.
  • Q/A about Hansel and Gretel (Season 2)
  • ASK – What are will be play today? We will play DaVinchi Code
  • ASK – How many times have we played it? We have played it 4 times?
  • READ – How To Play (noisy tiles, hand positioning, spacing between players, ordering tiles, etc )
  • ORGANIZE your tiles using before, after and between.
  • THINK about IF and THEN
  • ASK – ” Is that first white tile a 3?” or something similar.

2. No More Candy

Language in Use:

  • READ  3.2.2 – No More Candy.
  • Q/A about the images and Text
  • DRAW your favorite candy.
  • DRAW your friends’ favorite candy.
  • SAY “I like chocolate and he likes jelly.”
  • SAY “I like chocolate, but I don’t want any.”
  • SAY “He likes chocolate, but I doesn’t want any.”
  • THINK about patterns likes and wants.

TOO MUCH – “I like playing DaVinchi Code, but I don’t want to play any more.”

3. Into the Forest

Language in Use:

  • READ  3.2.3 – Into the Forest
  • Q/A about the images and text (House, Grace, May)
  • DEMONSTRATE “to tiptoe.”
  • ASK “Where have you heard the word before?”
  • COUNT numbers by 5 (5, 10, 15).
  • READ and SEQUENCE numbers (five, ten, fifteen).
  • PLAY “Catch Me If You Can”
  • FOCUS on IF you roll a 6, THEN roll again
  • PLAY Subway Surf

4. Being Lost

Hansel takes a compass out of his pocket.

He looks at the red needle.

He turns around to find the direction home.

5. Hansel’s Compass

Hansel and Gretel come to a cave.

They remember running by it. 

They find Gretel’s jump rope under a rock. 

6. Finding Things

Hansel and Gretel keep walking.

They come to a river. 

They find Hansel’s fishing rod.

7. At the River

Hansel and Gretel need to eat. 

Hansel uses his fishing rod to catch fish for dinner. 

He catches 2 fish. 

8. Our Tent

Hansel and Gretel need to sleep. 

Gretel uses the jump rope and the mat to make a tent. 

Now they have a tent to sleep in.

9. Camping in the Forest

Hansel and Gretel are camping.

They have a tent to sleep in.

They have a fire to cook on. 

They are happy. 

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