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planned Interactions through curated content

Students follow characters through a story that stimulates the senses to act, think and react. The teachers model positive feedback through comprehensible body language and language to guide a positve experience.

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How We Interact With Students

As a school, we are prepared, organized, and trained to grade and deconstruct complex language outcomes and then present them in bite-size chunks to the students to practice and produce.

We provide daily opportunities that encourage a learner-centered experience with exposure to comprehensible input, student-generated output, and feedback. We present compelling content through carefully selected themes, vocabulary, grammar patterns, songs, and activities that promote an enjoyable experience developing real-life skills through functional language.

We incorporate comprehension checks questions to ensure students’ understanding. We also include systematic phonics instruction so that students can learn to take ownership of the sounds they hear, speak, read and write through encoding and decoding skills.

Our students learn to become more autonomous in our class time interactions by taking on roles and navigating situations related to each task. The language we use reflects the students’ need to communicate to complete each task and subtask.