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1. Waking Up

Look and talk.

Rhett's Thoughts on Waking Up

Waking Up

  • Being somewhat normal
  • sneaking in like a thief (cueing the ear that something has changed)
  • Acting like a dangerous animal (breathing on them, smelling them like a dog, putting pressure on them with my hands )
  • Singing a song to them (what’s the time?)
  • Playing a favorite song or something on TV
  • Making noises around the house
  • Monster Mode when they don’t wake up
  • Fighter Mode (paying the price of not waking up)
  • Cute Daddy Mode (being out of character for me, pretending to be mom.)
  • Cooking food (wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey)
  • Bright Attack – Turning on the light or opening the curtains

2. At The Breakfast Table

Rhett's Thoughts on Serving Breakfast

Breakfast time

  • Cuing the boys (Breakfast is on the table.)
  • Giving thanks and to be grateful for food
  • Quoting Movies “Cereal is back on the menu, boys.” (Lord of the Rings)
  • Giving choices within the known options – “Eggs or Cereal?”
  • Comparing options – “Do you like peanut butter or Nutella?”
  • Constraining their expectations “I am not a chef. Eat what you are given.”¬†
  • Exaggerating my cooking ability “I’m the best chef.”
  • Setting the Table one step at a time
  • Cleaning up after breakfast
  • Highlighting some specific detail about the day
  • Navigating the buffet at a hotel

3. Leaving the House

Leaving the House

Leaving the House

  • Being organized¬†
  • Talking through a quick checklist of tasks that need to be completed
  • Reminding them to be ***¬†
  • Telling them “I love you.”. They usually say the opposite.¬†
  • Singing songs “Put on Your Shoes.” and “How’s the Weather.”
  • Reminding them of a specific task or schedule
  • Rewarding the how with positive reinforcement.
  • Turning off the lights and the gas
  • Locking the door

4. Walking Down the Road

Walking Down the Road

Walking Down the Road

  • Sensing the environment
    • is it raining, hot, cold, poor quality
  • Taking steps towards the destination¬†
  • Making decisions about the route¬†¬†
  • Reading the signs¬†
  • Remembering the landmarks¬†
  • Mapping out the path
  • Comparing different paths
  • Setting the pace
  • Watching for the things that move
  • Holding hands and talking about the little things
  • Enjoy the journey¬†

5. Being in the Forest

Being in the Forest

Being in the Forest

  • Telling trusted people your plan
  • Being prepared by having good shoes and things
  • Sensing the the sights, sounds, smells of the world
  • Knowing the weather
  • Staying warm and dry
  • Walking on the path
  • Avoiding branches that scratch, poke and tear your clothes
  • Listening to the birds and the bees
  • Looking for animals
  • Being cautious – all animals bite¬†
  • Knowing your animals
  • Keeping your distance from things that are known to be dangerous
  • Make enough noise¬†

6. Playing By The River

Playing By The River

Playing By The River

  • Sitting on the edge of the water
  • Water makes us wet and cold
  • Water makes things slippery
  • Downing is easy,
  • Knowing and the ability to do CPR
  • Fun, but dangerous
  • Catching tadpoles and frogs
  • Swimming in the water
  • Lifting up and throwing rocks into the water
  • Climbing up and down the bank
  • Catching little creatures by the water
  • Getting stuck in the mud
  • Looking out for sharp things (hooks and glass)

7. Chasing the Cookie Man

Rhett's Thoughts on Chasing the Cookie Man

Chasing the Cookie Man

  • catching a tadpole or frog in a net.
  • chasing after a dragonfly
  • predicting where animals will
  • pretending to be a biologist
  • Practicing parkour on the rocks and logs
  • jumping and moving carefully over, under and through obstacles

8. Running By A Cave

Rhett's Thoughts on Running by the Cave

Running by the Cave

  • being scared on animals coming out
  • crawling in and out of a cave
  • ¬†

9. In Front a Candy House

Rhett's Thoughts on Candy Shop

Candy Shop

  • Asking dad or mom is we can go and look at the candy
  • Dreaming about going inside¬†
  • Moving through busy doors (wait for people)
  • Not touching everything¬†
  • Using money to buy things
  • Using a card to buy things
  • Using scanners
  • Talking about our choices