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How To Win Every Game

Language in Use:

Make a Grid

Target Language

  • down, down
  • across, across

I am X. You are O.

Target Language

  • I am X. It is the best.
  • I am O. It is better than X.
  • Go for the middle.
  • If they go here, then you go here or here.
  • Block them here.
  • Boom! You win.

1,2,3 – I win.

Target Language

  • x,o,x,o,x,
  • 1,2,3 –
  • I win. You lose.
  • That’s ok.


Target Language

  • x,o,x,o,x,o
  • no winner.
  • It’s a tie

1 more time

Target Language

  • Let’s play again.
  • ok?
  • One more time.
  • ok.

I like

Target Language

  • I like X and O.
  • I like X and O’s because it is fun.