Gaewon Elementary School

Thinking Back



  • 2008, 5 years, resume, no certificate, no hiring problems, experience was enough, special achievements, DeVry (cheerleader and volunteer), Weird Achievements “that a boy”  awards, First Boss, Daechi Wonderland, “if you can make it in a hagwon, you can make it anywhere.”, government, sink or swim, lots of pictures from a camp, reference letter, dead-end, the school gone, shifting landscapes, never imprinted to understand quick change, multi-generational high school, multi-generational wealth of knowledge, history, traditions, constantly adapting, Money, enough for a single man, not enough for a family, clock-work salary, good for the 20, ok for your 30s, hierarchy, not existing in that ecosystem, two way doors, come and go, migrant worker, visiting teacher, respected as a teacher, no long arc, position was terminated, new government, hagwon teacher or start up, pros and cons, trust in/for, by design, writing on the wall, trends, no advice for newcomers, anarchy, small fish in a sea of Koreaness.