Steps Forward

Are you here?


  1. To Be (Public Memories)
    1. Me, You, Us
    2. We Seek
    3. To Care
  2. To Sense
    1. To Make-Sense
    2. To Play with sense-making
    3. Tag the Good, True, and Beautiful
  3. To Will
    1. Engage
    2. Express
    3. Experience



Click the box.

I am here.


1. Good morning. My name is Jack.

Good Morning, Mr Rooster

2. I eat breakfast before school.

10 Fat Sausages

Eggs, Eggs

3. I learn English at school.

The ABC Song

4. I like to play with Bingo.

Sports Balls Songs

5. My dad is working.

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

Plants Need

6. We are selling cookies and milk.

Who Took The Cookie?

7. I have some magic beans.

Counting 1 to 20

8. This beanstalk is very high.

Yes, I Can

9. A goose in its roost.

Jack and the Beanstalk

10. Review

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