• to interact through senses
  • to listen and use instructional language
  • to greet, take leave and call upon
  • to introduce self and others
  • to name and identify topical words¬†
  • to talk about possessions
  • to express emotions¬†
  • to express likes
  • to express wants
  • to express what you have
  • to ask/answer questions¬†
  • to count and use numbers¬†¬†
  • to reason

to greet, take leave and call upon

to express emotions  

to talk about self and others

to interact through our sense

to negotiate social situations

to talk about products and processes

to give / receive commands 

to ask / answer questions

to talk about actions

to talk about location

to express likes  

to express wants  

to express abilities

to reason

to suggest

to talk about possessions