Students Can:

  • Play “Angry Birds.”
  • Listen to the game play.
  • Talk about the birds.
  • Talk about strategy.
  • Talk about feeling while playing the game.
  • Have fun with English.

Steps Forward

Are you here?




Click the box.

I am here.

Main Page

Language in Use:

  • First, let’s play the elevator game.
  • Net, let’s pick our birds. Who do you like?
  • Good, Now let tap on the map.
  • Great. Let’s play.

Pick A Card

Langauge in Use:

  • Pick a card.
  • This one?
  • Which one?
  • An apple. Good
  • A pig. Sorry.
  • That’s ok! 

Name the Birds

Langauge in Use:

  • Red.
  • What’s his name?
  • His name is Red.

Which Level?

Langauge in Use:

  • #10
  • tap 10.
  • Boss level.
  • It is hard. It is a boss level.

Let’s Play!

Langauge in Use:

  • tap here. Good
  • Aim up.
  • Shoot.
  • Not there. down, down, down. ok!
  • Strike. One shot, One Kill!