Range and Depth

1.9 Three Pigs


3.9 I Met A Girl



S1E9 - Three Pigs

1. The First Pig

  • Oink. I’m Fred. I’m the first little pig.

2. Because

  • I like my house because I like yellow.

3. The Second Pig

  • He’s Sam. Hi. I’m the second little pig.

4. Two Hairs

  • I have two hairs on my head.

5. The Third Pig

  • She’s Tammy. Hello. I’m the third little pig.

6. My Shirt

  • My shirt is red. It’s not yellow or brown.

7. Behind

  • The big bad wolf is behind my house.

8. Alex

  • I’m Alex. I’m the big bad wolf. It is lunch time.

9. I Will

  • I will call the cops.

S2E9 - Teddy

1. Wake Up

  • Baby bear, it’s time to wake up.
  • Let’s go find some breakfast.

Topics: animal, action

2. Different Than

  • I’ve got arms and legs.
  • I am different than before.

Topics: body, time

3. Fishing

  • I like catching fish from the river.
  • This is a great spot!

Topics: actions, food, place

4. A Beautiful Day

  • What a beautiful day! 
  • I like swimming, but I don’t like swimming with a shark.

Topics: actions, time, animals

5. The Log House

  • I’m cold and wet. 
  • Let’s walk to that log house.

6. Yucky!

  • Yucky! 
  • I don’t like eating this soup.

Topics: actions, food

7. Reading the Paper

  • Papa Bear is in the living room. 
  • He’s reading his paper.

Topics: home, action

8. In the Bathroom

  • Mama Bear is in the bathroom. 
  • She is combing her hair.

Topics: people, home, action

9. Fall and Winter

  • It is fall now. 
  • Winter is coming soon. 
  • We are sleepy because winter is almost here.

Topics: time, nature,

S3E9 - I Met a Girl

Text 1


EP 9  - Experiences

  • Being with
    • Fred
    • Sam
    • Tammy
    • Alex
    • Teddy
    • Goldilocks
  • Being Big bad by lifting the kids up
  • Making sounds while chasing the kids
  • Turning off the lights and pretending to be a scary animal
  • Making houses out of blocks, straw, sticks or rocks.
  • Making house in Minecraft
  • Playing Triple Town