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Range and Depth

1.8 Red Hen


Students Will:

Teachers will Do:

  1. A Red Hen = 0%
  2. Wings = 0%
  3. Up and Down = 0%
  4. Bingo = 0%
  5. Soccer = 0%
  6. Bread = 0%
  7. Pat the Cat = 0%
  8. Do You Like? = 0%
  9. Does Not Like = 0%

The red hen can fly up and down. She wants to make some bread. Will her friends help?

2.8 Goldilocks


Students Will Do:

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  1. Goldilocks
  2. Farm Girl
  3. My Cat
  4. Gretel’s House
  5. Saturdays
  6. Waiting
  7. Dinner Time
  8. Poop
  9. Goodnight

Goldilocks rides her bike to Gretel’s house. Gretel isn’t home so Goldilocks waits inside. Will Gretel come home?

3.8 A Broken Arm


We Will Do:

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  1. Waking Up
  2. Run
  3. Shut the Door
  4. The Ride Home
  5. A Big Slip
  6. Being Hurt
  7. What’s Wrong?
  8. A Broken Arm
  9. A Cast

Goldilocks wakes up to three bears looking down at her. Will she get home safely?

S1E8 - The Red Hen

1. A Red Hen

  • Cluck. 
  • I’m Ruby. 
  • I’m a red hen.

2. Wings

  • I have wings, so I can fly.

3. Up and Down

  • I can fly up and down.

4. Bingo

  • She’s Bingo. She is a white dog.
  1. Soccer
  • She wants to play soccer with her pups.

6. Bread

  • This dog does not want to make bread.

7. Pat the Cat

  • He’s Pat.  
  • He is a purple cat.

8. Do You Like?

  • He likes eating fish.

9. Does Not Like

  • That cat does not like eating bread.

S2E8 - Goldilocks

1. Goldilocks

  • Good morning.
  • My name is Goldilocks.
  • I’ve got golden hair.

2. Farm Girl

  • I live on the farm with my parents and my older brother.

3. My Cute Cat

  • This is my pet.
  • His name is Pat.
  • He’s my cute cat.

4. Gretel’s House

  • I sometimes ride my bike to Gretel’s house. 

5. Riding My Bike

  • I like riding my bike with Gretel on Saturdays.

6. Hot or Cold

  • I don’t like hot or cold soup. I like warm soup.

7. Sit and Wait

  • Gretel is not at home. I will sit and wait.

8. My Stomach

  • Fart. 
  • My stomach hurts. 
  • I have to go poop.

9. Goodnight

  • It is 9:30 o’clock.
  • I feel sleepy.
  • It’s time for bed. 
  • Goodnight.

S3E8 - A Broken Arm

1. Waking Up

  • Goldilocks is sleeping in the smallest bed.
  • She has a scary dream. 
  • She wakes up and sees a bear looking down at her.

2. Running Through the House

  • Goldilocks runs down the stairs.
  • Then, she runs through the living room.
  • After that, she runs through the dining room and out the door.

3. Shut the Door

  • Goldilocks runs outside.
  • She shuts the door before the bear can get out.
  • She is scared, but she feels a bit safer.

4. The Ride Home

  • There is water on the ground.
  • The road is slippery.
  • It is dangerous to ride a bike when the road is slippery.

5. The Big Slip

  • Goldilocks is going too fast.
  • She hits a big puddle of water 
  • The bike slides and she falls down.

6. My Right Arm Hurts

  • Goldilocks’ arm hurts.
  • She feels dizzy.
  • She is hurt, but she carries her bike home.

7. What’s Wrong?

  • Goldilocks goes to the hospital with her mom.
  • The doctor looks at her arm.
  • The doctor takes an x-ray of her arm.

8. A Broken Arm

  • Goldilocks looks at the xray.
  • She can see two broken bones.
  • The nurse puts a cast on her right arm.

9. A Cast 

  • Goldilocks broke her right arm when she fell.
  • She went to the hospital with her mom.
  • The doctor took an x-ray and then put a cast on her arm.

Heir World

EP 8  - Experiences

Being right with Goldilocks

  • Waking up at the right time. Using songs to help them get out of bed with less crying or to annoy them.
    • What's the time?, The Cat Came Back, Here come daddy. etc. 
    • Sleeping next to mom, dad, or alone. scared of the dark, scary dreams, 
    • Turning of the light.
  • Folding the paper "just right" to make paper airplanes.
  • Using fingers and toes to test the water the water in the bathtub or at a sauna.
  • Doing parkour by jumping the right distance from parking blocks.
  • Winning a gold medal by hitting the bricks at the right place with the right amount of force.
  • Hitting the baseball in the sweet spot.
  • Lego trap - Too many legos are easy to see.
  • That bike is too big for you, but it is just right for your younger brother.
  • Cup Stacking - too far apart and too close together
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