Range and Depth

1.8 Red Hen


The red hen can fly up and down. She wants to make some bread. Will her friends help?

2.8 Goldilocks


Students Will Do:

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  1. Goldilocks = 0%
  2. Farm Girl = 0%
  3. My Cat = 0%
  4. Gretel’s House = 0%
  5. Saturdays = 0%
  6. Waiting = 0%
  7. Dinner Time = 0%
  8. Poop = 0%
  9. Goodnight = 0%

Goldilocks rides her bike to Gretel’s house. Gretel isn’t home so Goldilocks waits inside. Will Gretel come home?

3.8 A Broken Arm


We Will Do:

Check out our classroom pictures

  1. Waking Up
  2. Run
  3. Shut the Door
  4. The Ride Home
  5. A Big Slip
  6. Being Hurt
  7. What’s Wrong?
  8. A Broken Arm
  9. A Cast

Goldilocks wakes up to three bears looking down at her. Will she get home safely?

S1E8 - The Red Hen

1. A Red Hen

  • Cluck. 
  • I’m Ruby. 
  • I’m a red hen.

2. Wings

  • I have wings, so I can fly.

3. Up and Down

  • I can fly up and down.

4. Bingo

  • She’s Bingo. She is a white dog.
  1. Soccer
  • She wants to play soccer with her pups.

6. Bread

  • This dog does not want to make bread.

7. Pat the Cat

  • He’s Pat.  
  • He is a purple cat.

8. Do You Like?

  • He likes eating fish.

9. Does Not Like

  • That cat does not like eating bread.

S2E8 - Goldilocks

1. Goldilocks

  • Good morning.
  • My name is Goldilocks.
  • I’ve got golden hair.


Topics: people, body

2. Farm Girl

  • I live on the farm with my parents and my older brother.


Topics: place, people

3. My Cute Cat

  • This is my pet.
  • His name is Pat.
  • He’s my cute cat.


Topics: animals, adjectives

4. Gretel’s House

  • I sometimes ride my bike to Gretel’s house. 


Topics: leisure, people

5. Playing

  • I like playing with Gretel on Saturdays.


Topics: leisure, people, time

6. Sit and Wait

  • Gretel is not at home. I will sit and wait.



7. Hot or Cold

  • I don’t like hot or cold soup. I like warm soup.


Topics: food

8. My Stomach

  • Fart. 
  • My stomach hurts. 
  • I have to go poop.


Topics: body, health

9. Goodnight

  • It is 9:30 o’clock.
  • I feel sleepy.
  • It’s time for bed. 
  • Goodnight.


Topics: time, home, people

S3E8 - A Broken Arm

1. Waking Up

  • Goldilocks is sleeping in the smallest bed.
  • She has a scary dream. 
  • She wakes up and sees a bear looking down at her.

2. Running Through the House

  • Goldilocks runs down the stairs.
  • Then, she runs through the living room.
  • After that, she runs through the dining room and out the door.

3. Shut the Door

  • Goldilocks runs outside.
  • She shuts the door before the bear can get out.
  • She is scared, but she feels a bit safer.

4. The Ride Home

  • There is water on the ground.
  • The road is slippery.
  • It is dangerous to ride a bike when the road is slippery.

5. The Big Slip

  • Goldilocks is going too fast.
  • She hits a big puddle of water 
  • The bike slides and she falls down.

6. My Right Arm Hurts

  • Goldilocks’ arm hurts.
  • She feels dizzy.
  • She is hurt, but she carries her bike home.

7. What’s Wrong?

  • Goldilocks goes to the hospital with her mom.
  • The doctor looks at her arm.
  • The doctor takes an x-ray of her arm.

8. A Broken Arm

  • Goldilocks looks at the xray.
  • She can see two broken bones.
  • The nurse puts a cast on her right arm.

9. A Cast 

  • Goldilocks broke her right arm when she fell.
  • She went to the hospital with her mom.
  • The doctor took an x-ray and then put a cast on her arm.

Heir World

EP 8  - Experiences

Being right with Goldilocks

  • Waking up at the right time. Using songs to help them get out of bed with less crying or to annoy them.
    • What's the time?, The Cat Came Back, Here come daddy. etc. 
    • Sleeping next to mom, dad, or alone. scared of the dark, scary dreams, 
    • Turning of the light.
  • Folding the paper "just right" to make paper airplanes.
  • Using fingers and toes to test the water the water in the bathtub or at a sauna.
  • Doing parkour by jumping the right distance from parking blocks.
  • Winning a gold medal by hitting the bricks at the right place with the right amount of force.
  • Hitting the baseball in the sweet spot.
  • Lego trap - Too many legos are easy to see.
  • That bike is too big for you, but it is just right for your younger brother.
  • Cup Stacking - too far apart and too close together