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Range and Depth

1.7 Bad Witch


Students Will:

  • SING “Spooky Spooky.”
  • DRAW a jack-o-lantern.
  • TBD 
  • DESIGN a bedroom.
  • PLAY with picture puppets.
  • FIND items for the potion.
  • MAKE juice.
  • PLAY with potions.
  • BE young and old.
  • READ and WRITE patterns 1.7.
  • and MORE

Check out our classroom pictures.

Grace is old. She wants to be young. She makes a potion.

2.7 Neven


Students Will:

  1. READ “When I Was Five.”
  2. PLAY “Hoppers.”
  3. PLAY “Kingdom Rush.” 
  4. PLAY “King’s Card.”
  5. DRAW restaurant signs.
  6. ORDER food at a restaurant.
  7. PLAY “Poppa Pizza Topple.”
  8. SING “Who took the candy from the trick-or-treat bag?” 
  9. TELL part of Neven’s story. 

and MORE

Check out our classroom pictures.

Hannah finds Neven. He was a frog. Now, he is hungry and wants to eat some pizza.

2.7 Being Brave


Students Will:

  1. MAKE a crossword puzzle about Neven.
  2. SERVE pizza for lunch.
  3. TBA
  4. SAY a tongue twister.
  5. PLAY and EXPLAIN “Hoppers.”
  6. PLAY and EXPLAIN “Kingdom Rush.”
  7. FIGHT the spiders through “Checkers.”
  8. FIGHT the scorpion through “Sudoku.”
  9. RETELL Neven’s Journey.

and MORE

Check out our classroom pictures.

Neven wants to go out and look for Rapunzel. Will he have the skills and knowledge to find her deep in the spooky forest?

S1E7 - The Bad Witch

1. A Bad Witch

  • My name is Grace.
  • I’m a bad witch.

2. I’m Sad

  • I’m sad.
  • I’m crying.

3. I’m Old

  • I don’t want to be old.
  • I want to be young.

4. A Baby Girl

  • I see a baby girl. 
  • She is in her bed.

5. A Frog Prince

  • Do you want some candy?

6. I Have

  • I have a jellyfish, a baby girl and a boy frog.

7. I Can Make

  • Now I can make a potion.

8. My Purple Potion

  • This is my purple potion.

9. I’m Young

  • Now I’m young.
  •  I’m not old.

S1E7 - Neven

1. I’m Neven

  • I’m Neven. 
  • I’m a young man. 
  • I’m 17 years old.

2. Frog Friends

  • Those frogs are my friends. 
  • They can jump and swim.

3. My Home

  • This is my home. 
  • I don’t live here alone.

4. I’m Back

  • Mom, Dad, I’m back! 
  • We are so happy to see you.

5. Are You Hungry?

  • Are you hungry? 
  • Let’s go out for dinner.

6. Pizza, Please

  • What would you like? 
  • I’d like pizza and fries.

7. Flies 

  • May I have some flies on my pizza? 
  • Delicious!

8. The Baby Girl

  • Look at this baby girl. 
  • I know who took her.

9. May I?

  • May I go out and look for this girl?

S3E7 - Being Brave

1. Pizza Party

  • It’s lunch time. 
  • Neven has made pizza for his family.
  • He loves putting flies on his pizza.

2. Saying Goodbye

  • Neven finishes eating his lunch 
  • He says goodbye to his family.
  • His sister says, “Don’t eat any magic candy.”

3. The Magic Bag

  • Neven walks through the yard.
  • He meets Merlin the Magician.
  • Merlin gives him a magic bag.

4. The Magic Map

  • Neven makes a wish.
  • He wishes for a map to Rapunzel.
  • He finds a map to Rapunzel in the bag.

5. Frog Friends

  • Neven walks to the pond.
  • He sees his frog friends swimming in the water.
  • He gives them some magic candy.

6. The Spooky Forest

  • Neven and his frog friends walk to the forest. 
  • They see the spooky trees. 
  • They are scared but brave.

7. Sticky Webs

  • There are spiders between the branches.
  • Neven and his frog friends will have to jump over the spiders.
  • They must not get caught in the sticky web.

8. A Scorpion’s Sting

  • There is a giant scorpion in front of them.
  • Neven and his frog friends will have to defeat the scorpion.
  • They must not get stung.

9. The Missing Girl

  • Neven and his friends were brave. 
  • They walked through the forest.
  • They got through the spiders’ sticky webs.
  • They fought and defeated the giant scorpion.

Heir World

EP 7  - Experiences

  • Being with
    • Grace
    • Neven 
    • Rapunzel
    • Goblins
    • Chef
    • Spiders and Scorpions
  • walking at nigh
  • Spider Webs - 
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