Range and Depth

1.7 Bad Witch


Grace is old. She wants to be young. She makes a potion.

2.7 Neven


Hannah finds Neven. He was a frog. Now, he is hungry and wants to eat some pizza.

2.7 Being Brave


We Will Do:

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  1. Pizza Party
  2. I am a Prince
  3. A Magic Bag
  4. A Magic Map
  5. Frog Friends
  6. Be Brave
  7. The King Spider
  8. A Giant Scorpion
  9. Neven’s Day


Neven wants to go out and look for Rapunzel. Will he have the skills and knowledge to find her deep in the spooky forest?

S1E7 - The Bad Witch

1. Grace

  • My name is Grace.
  • I’m a bad witch.


Topic: people

2. Sad

  • I’m sad.
  • I’m crying.


Topic: emotions

3. Old and Young

  • I don’t want to be old.
  • I want to be young.


Topic: people

4. Rapunzel

  • I see a baby girl. 
  • She is in her bed.

Topics: people, house

5. Neven

  • Do you want some ice-cream?
  • yes, please.


Topic: food

6. I Have

  • I have a jellyfish, a baby girl and a boy frog.


Topic: people, animals

7. Can You Make...?

  • Now I can make a potion.


Topics: time, action, drink

8. My Purple Potion

  • This is my purple potion.


Topics: color, drink

9. I’m Young

  • Now I’m young.
  •  I’m not old.


Topic: people

S1E7 - Neven

1. I’m Neven

  • I’m Neven. 
  • I’m a young man. 
  • I’m 17 years old.

Topics: people, numbers

2. Frog Friends

  • Those frogs are my friends. 
  • They can jump and swim.

Topics: animals, actions

3. My Home

  • This is my home. 
  • I don’t live here alone.


Topics: home, actions

4. I’m Back

  • Mom, Dad, I’m back! 
  • We are so happy to see you.

Topics: people, emotions

5. Are You Hungry?

  • Are you hungry? 
  • Let’s go out for lunch.

Topics: emotions, food

6. Pizza, Please

  • May I take your order?
  • I’d like pizza and fries please.

Topics: food

7. Flies 

  • May I have some flies on my pizza? 
  • Delicious!

Topics: animals, food, place

8. The Baby Girl

  • Look at this baby girl. 
  • I know who took her.

Topics: people, actions

9. May I...?

  • May I go out and look for this girl?

Topics: actions, people

S3E7 - Being Brave

1. Pizza Party

  • It’s lunch time. 
  • Neven has made pizza for his family.
  • He loves putting flies on his pizza.

2. I am a Prince

  • Neven finishes eating his lunch 
  • He says goodbye to his family.
  • His sister says, “Don’t eat any magic candy.”

3. The Magic Bag

  • Neven walks through the yard.
  • He meets Merlin the Magician.
  • Merlin gives him a magic bag.

4. The Magic Map

  • Neven makes a wish.
  • He wishes for a map to Rapunzel.
  • He finds a map to Rapunzel in the bag.

5. Frog Friends

  • Neven walks to the pond.
  • He sees his frog friends swimming in the water.
  • He gives them some magic candy.


6. Be Brave

  • Neven and his frog friends walk to the forest. 
  • They see the spooky trees. 
  • They are scared but brave.

7. The King Spider

  • There are spiders between the branches.
  • Neven and his frog friends will have to jump over the spiders.
  • They must not get caught in the sticky web.

8. A Giant Scorpion

  • There is a giant scorpion in front of them.
  • Neven and his frog friends will have to defeat the scorpion.
  • They must not get stung.


9. Neven's Day

  • Neven and his friends were brave. 
  • They walked through the forest.
  • They got through the spiders’ sticky webs.
  • They fought and defeated the giant scorpion.

Heir World

EP 7  - Experiences

  • Being me. Thinking about you
  • Being with me through
    • Grace - a bad witch
    • Neven  - a young boy or a young man.
    • Rapunzel - a baby
    • Goblins - a trickster
    • Chef - someone who helps mom and dad in the kitchen.
    • Spiders and Scorpions - A curious explorer and scientist
  • Connect Song to movements and situations.
    • Down by the Bay, Spooky Spooky, 
  • Potions - Making Juice and pouring liquid into cups and bowls
  • walking at night 
  • Spiders abd Spider Webs - walking through them when we do see them.
  • Games
    • Playing checkers with your people older, younger and the same age. 
    • Play Kingdom Rush. Understanding which towers work for which enenmries=
  • Toys - playing dress up for halloween, using toy weapons
  • Tools - making a map of the neighborhood, visiting those places by foot or bike
  • Equipment -
    • Using weapons- a bow an arrows, cutting things with a knife
    • Selecting clothes to match the adventure (shoes, costumes, armor)
  • Puzzles -
    • Solving jumping puzzles from easy to hard
    • making plans, using knowledge to think through the conflict
  • House -
    • going to the bathroom at night.
    • going into the dark room without your parents.
  • Food - Order / Make pizza.
  • Festivals at the park