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Ranger and Depth

1.6 Two Mice


Students Will:

  • LISTEN to “Seven Blind Mice.”
  • BE Jill and Ben.
  • FIND your birthday.
  • LOOK FOR nuts
  • FIND words.
  • SING “In On Under.”
  • SHARE school tools.
  • MAKE a cup of nuts.
  • SAY “Thank you.”
  • READ and WRITE patterns 1.6.
  • and MORE

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Squeak. Squeak. It’s Ben’s birthday. Jill looks for some nuts to eat.

2.6 Rapunzel


Students Will:

  1. TALK about hair and home
  2. ASK and ANSWER questions
  3. DO “Tower of Hanoi.” 
  4. MAKE a clock
  5. GIVE an excuse (weather-related).
  6. SING “How’s the Weather?”  
  7. TBA
  8. PAINT a picture
  9. Play  “Once Upon a Tower”

and MORE

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Rapunzel lives in a tower. She lives alone. She wants to go outside, but she is too scared.

3.6 The Dark Basement


Students Will:

  1. Compare Rapunzel Then and Now.
  2. MAKE and USE a clock.
  3. LISTEN and GUESS sounds.
  4. SING ‘Dem Bones.”
  5. BE blind in the dark.
  6. DRAW a Goblin.
  7. DO tower activities.
  8. MAKE a rope.
  9. PLAY “Once Upon a Tower.”

and MORE

Check out our classroom pictures.

Rapunzel hears some noises in the  basement. Will she go down the stairs to learn more about the strange sounds?

S1E6 - The Two Mice

1. We Squeak

  • Squeak. 
  • We are mice.

2. Girls and Boys

  • I’m Jill. 
  • I’m a girl mouse. 
  • I’m Ben.
  • I’m a boy mouse.

3. Ben’s Birthday

  • Today is Ben’s birthday.

4. Looking For Nuts

  • I am looking for nuts.
  • Ben likes nuts.

5. Under

  • There are ten nuts under the tree.


6. A Fox

  • Oh no!
  • There is a fox by the tree.

7. Is This For Me?

  • Happy Birthday, Brother.
  • Is this for me?

8. Let’s Eat!

  • Yum.
  • Let’s eat all of these nuts.

9. Thank You

  • Bye.
  • Thank you for coming.

S2E6 - Rapunzel

1. Long Hair

  • Hi. I’m Rapunzel.
  • I’m fifteen.
  • I’ve got long hair.
  • I live in a tower.

2. Where is Baby?

  • Where is our baby girl?
  • She isn’t in her bedroom.

3. My Home

  • This is where I live. 
  • This is the place I call home.

4. Family and Pets

  • I have an aunt. 
  • Oh! I have a pet mouse too.

5. What’s the Time?

  • My aunt comes between 11 and 12 o’clock.

6. Sorry, But…

  • May I go outside today?
  • Let’s see! 
  • Sorry, but it is rainy.

7. Rainy Days

  • I don’t like rainy days. 
  • I want the sun to come out.

8.I Like Painting

  • I like painting, but I want to paint outside.

9. Rapunzel’s Day

  • I am going to climb down when it is sunny.

S3E6 - The Dark Basement

1. Our Baby Girl

  • This is our baby girl.
  • We looked everywhere, but we couldn't find her.
  • She’s gone.

2. Visits From Aunt Grace

  • Grace comes to Rapunzel’s tower every day around 11:00 AM. 
  • Rapunzel always asks her if she can go outside.
  • Grace always says no.

3. Afraid

  • Rapunzel never goes down the stairs.
  • She always hears strange noises at night.
  • She’s afraid.

4. Afraid But Brave

  • Rapunzel sees bones on the ground.
  • She’s afraid, but she’s brave.  
  • She walks down the stairs.

5. The Dark Basement

  • She walks to the bottom of the stairs. 
  • It’s dark. It’s hard to see.  
  • She hears something move.

6. The Green Goblin

  • A little green goblin comes out.
  • He puts a puzzle on the table.
  • He asks Rapunzel for help.

7. 63 Moves Later

  • Rapunzel moves the pieces back and forth.
  • She puts the small pieces on the big pieces.
  • She finishes the puzzle after 63 moves. 

8. Braids

  • Rapunzel gets some string and a hook.
  • She  braids the string into a rope.
  • She ties the rope to the hook with a knot.

9. Being Outside

  • Rapunzel climbs down from the tower.
  • She looks all around.
  • She loves being outside.

Heir World

EP 6  - Experiences

  • Scurrying like a mouse to stay out of view from others
    • Walking along walls and buildings.
    • Walking between in front of the supermarket. 
    • Hide and Seek (boxes, closets, behind bookcases)
    • Being really quiet (Rohnan scares Dad after school)
  • The best laid schemes o' mice an' men
    • Setting a trap for your brother
  • What's Dangerous?
    • spikes on fence
    • relying too much on reflex with out any trained skills
  • Stranger Danger
    • Chloe - If you know my dad, what color is his hair?
  • What's scary for you, me and them?
    • heights, toothpicks,
    • mouse - cat - dog - fox
  • Getting Down from high places
    • playgrounds, zip lines, house, bails, steep stairs, ladders
  • Painting, Coloring and drawing
    • painting, playing with chalk
    • drawing in the sand
  • Playing Tower Games
    • Jenga 
    • Once Upon a Tower
  • Following the Weather
    • Sorry, but it is raining
    • It's too hot.
  • Look out
    • looking down at the river
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