Range and Depth

1.5. Bingo


Jack has a pet dog. Her name is Bingo. Bingo has 6 pups.

2.5 Jack


Jack trades some milk and cookies for some magic beans. The beans grow into a tall beanstalk.

3.5. Fires on the Farm


Oh no! It is too hot. There is a fire on the farm. Can Jack put it out before it burn his house down?

S1E5 - Bingo

1. Jack

  • Hi.
  • My name is Jack.
  • I’m a boy.


Topic: people


2. My Dad

  • He is my dad.
  • His name is Bill.

Topic: people,role


3. My Mom

  • She is my mom.
  • Her name is Sue.

Topic: people, role


4. My Sister

Topics: people, role

5. Bingo

  • This is my pet dog.
  • Her name is Bingo.

Topics: animals, role



6. Bingo’s Pups

  • These are her six pups.
  • They are white.

Topic: animals, numbers, colors



7. Play Ball

  • They have my ball.
  • They are playing.

Topic: toys, actions


8. Hungry and Thirsty

  • They are hungry and thirsty.

Topic: emotions

9. Goodbye

  • Goodbye.
  • See you later.

Topic: people, actions

S2E5 - Jack

1. Jack’s Green Clothes

  • Good morning. 
  • My name is Jack.
  • I am wearing green clothes.

Topics: people, actions, and clothes

2. What’s For Breakfast?

  • I eat breakfast before school. 
  • I like to eat sausages, eggs, and toast.


Topics: time, food, actions


3. Letters, Words & Numbers

  • I learn English at school. 
  • Today we are learning about numbers and letters.


Topics: actions, numbers, letters, and school

4. Play Ball

  • I like to play with Bingo and her pups after school.


Topics: actions, animals, interest, and time

5. Our Garden

  • This is our garden. 
  • We are growing fruits and vegetables.


Topics: place, action, and food

6. Our Market

  • My mom is a baker.
  • She sells cookies. 
  • My dad is a farmer.
  • He sells milk.


Topics: people, work, action, and food

7. Let’s Trade

  • I’d like a pup.
  • I don’t have any money, but I will trade you for these magic beans.


Topics: actions, people, animals, food, and tools

8. How High

  • Wow! 
  • This beanstalk is very high.
  •  I am going to climb to the clouds.


Topics: people, world

9. Jack’s Day

  • Look! 
  • A goose in its roost. 
  • I’m going to take it home.


Topics: animals, home, and action

S3E5 - Fires on the Farm

1. An Early Start

  • It's 6:00 o’clock in the morning. 
  • The McDonalds are in the kitchen
  • They are eating their breakfast.

2. Work and Play

  • Jack is helping his mother.
  • He is gathering the eggs.
  • He can play after he finishes his work.

3. Watering the Garden

  • It is a cool morning. 
  • Jack is in the garden. 
  • He is watering all the plants.

4. The Farmer’s Market

  • The McDonalds are in front of their house.
  • They are setting up their tables.
  • They are getting ready for their market.

5. Hot Days

  • It’s a hot afternoon. 
  • It is 34.5 degrees celsius.
  • Jack is playing ball with Bingo. 
  • He is sweating.

6. Fires on the Farm

  • The grass is too dry.
  • The grass is turning yellow.
  • The grass is starting on fire.
  • Jack has to put out the fires before they get too big.

7. Getting Help

  • Jack told his dad about the fire.
  • They are getting hoses.
  • They will fight the fire.

8. Fighting Fires

  • Jack and Bill are fighting the fires.
  • They are protecting their farm.
  • They are farmers, but they are firefighters too.

9. The Beanstalk is Gone

  • Jack wants to put the goose back.
  • Jack is looking for the beanstalk, but it's gone. 
  • It has burnt down.

Heir World

EP 5  - Experiences

  • At the Farm.
    • Feeding animal
    • Finding dangerous things here and there.
    • Shoveling poop
  • Horse Camp
    • Doing Craft
    • Riding Horses
  • Bee Farm
    • Learning about Bee's
  • Sheep Farm
    • Making cheese
  • Petting Farm
    • finding a peacock feather
  • Taking Care of a Garden
    • Sweet potatoes, chili peppers