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Range and Depth

1.5. Bingo


Students Will:

  1. TALK about boys and girls.
  2. DRAW and WRITE about family
  3. PLAY Baby Shark Run
  4. TALK about family.
  5. PLAY ABC Bingo.
  6. LISTEN to “Go Dogs Go.”
  7. PLAY with a ball.
  8. BE hungry and thirsty.
  9. SAY bye.
  • READ and WRITE patterns 1.5.
  • and MORE

Check out our classroom pictures.

Jack has a pet dog. Her name is Bingo. Bingo has 6 pups.

2.5 Jack


Students Will:

  1. TALK about clothes.
  2. TALK about breakfast.
  3. USE a dictionary.
  4. PLAY baseball by catching, throwing and hitting a ball.
  5. Play “Plants VS. Zombies.”
  6. BE Jack selling food.
  7. TRADE for things.
  8. READ “Papa, please get the moon for me.”
  9. TELL part of Jack’s story.

and MORE

Check out our classroom pictures.

Jack trades some milk and cookies for some magic beans. The beans grow into a tall beanstalk.

3.5. Fires on the Farm


Students Will:

    1. TALK about Jack.
    2. PLAY “Plants VS. Zombies.”
    3. COLLECT and SELL eggs.
    4. USE a weather report.
    5. TBA
    6. PLAN a fire safety route.
    8. FIND words about water in the dictionary.
    9. BE Jack and MAKE a ‘Plan B’.

and MORE

Check out our classroom pictures.

Oh no! It is too hot. There is a fire on the farm. Can Jack put it out before it burn his house down?

S1E5 - Bingo

1. Jack

  • Hi.
  • My name is Jack.
  • I’m a boy.

2. My Dad

  • He is my dad.
  • His name is Bill.

3. My Mom

  • She is my mom.
  • Her name is Sue.

4. My Sister

  • She is my sister.
  • Her name is Goldilocks.

5. Bingo

  • This is my pet dog.
  • Her name is Bingo.

6. Bingo’s Pups

  • These are her six pups.
  • They are white.

7. Play Ball

  • They have my ball.
  • They are playing.

8. Hungry and Thirsty

  • They are hungry and thirsty.


9. See You Later

  • Goodbye.
  • See you later.

S2E5 - Jack

1. Jack’s Green Clothes

  • Good morning. 
  • My name is Jack.
  • I am wearing green clothes.

2. What’s For Breakfast?

  • I eat breakfast before school. 
  • I like to eat sausages, eggs and toast.

3. Letters, Words & Numbers

  • I learn English at school. 
  • Today we are learning about numbers and letters.

4. Play Ball

  • I like to play with Bingo and her pups after school.

5. Our Garden

  • This is our garden. 
  • We are growing fruits and vegetables.

6. Our Market

  • My mom is a baker.
  • She sells cookies. 
  • My dad is a farmer.
  • He sells milk.

7. Let’s Trade

  • I’d like a pup.
  • I don’t have any money, but I will trade you for these magic beans.

8. How High

  • Wow! 
  • This beanstalk is very high.
  •  I am going to climb to the clouds.

9. Jack’s Day

  • Look! 
  • A goose in its roost. 
  • I’m going to take it home.

S3E5 - Fires on the Farm

1. An Early Start

  • It's 6:00 o’clock in the morning. 
  • The McDonalds are in the kitchen
  • They are eating their breakfast.

2. Work and Play

  • Jack is helping his mother.
  • He is gathering the eggs.
  • He can play after he finishes his work.

3. Watering the Garden

  • It is a cool morning. 
  • Jack is in the garden. 
  • He is watering all the plants.

4. The Farmer’s Market

  • The McDonalds are in front of their house.
  • They are setting up their tables.
  • They are getting ready for their market.

5. Hot Days

  • It’s a hot afternoon. 
  • It is 34.5 degrees celsius.
  • Jack is playing ball with Bingo. 
  • He is sweating.

6. Fires on the Farm

  • The grass is too dry.
  • The grass is turning yellow.
  • The grass is starting on fire.
  • Jack has to put out the fires before they get too big.

7. Getting Help

  • Jack told his dad about the fire.
  • They are getting hoses.
  • They will fight the fire.

8. Fighting Fires

  • Jack and Bill are fighting the fires.
  • They are protecting their farm.
  • They are farmers, but they are firefighters too.

9. The Beanstalk is Gone

  • Jack wants to put the goose back.
  • Jack is looking for the beanstalk, but it's gone. 
  • It has burnt down.

Heir World

EP 5  - Experiences

  • At the Farm.
    • Feeding animal
    • Finding dangerous things here and there.
    • Shoveling poop
  • Horse Camp
    • Doing Craft
    • Riding Horses
  • Bee Farm
    • Learning about Bee's
  • Sheep Farm
    • Making cheese
  • Petting Farm
    • finding a peacock feather
  • Taking Care of a Garden
    • Sweet potatoes, chili peppers