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Range and Depth

1.4. Hungry Monster


Students Will:

  • BE pretty, happy, sad.
  • PLAY Pac Man
  • PLAY on a mat.
  • LISTEN to The Hungry Caterpillar.
  • SING “Apple and Bananas.”
  • PLAY Pengoloo.
  • COLOR food.
  • USE utensils (fork, spoon, chopsticks)
  • EAT an apple.
  • READ and WRITE patterns 1.4.
  • and MORE

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2.4 Grace


Students Will:

  1. Ask and ANSWER questions about Grace.
  2. SING  “Are you Hungry?”
  3. DRAW and LABEL animals.
  4. COMPARE candies. 
  5. COUNT money.
  6. PLAY Connect Four.
  7. SORT candies in the box.
  8. RETELL “The Hungry Monster.” 
  9. RETELL Hansel and Gretel’s story.

and MORE

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3.4. Grace’s Plan


Students will:

  1. TALK about Grace.
  2. TBA
  3. BE Grace and Neven.
  4. MEASURE 95ml of water.
  5. THINK of a plan to stop Neven.
  6. PUT a spell on a tree by DRAWING a spooky tree.
  7. PUT a spell on the spiders by MAKING a spider’s web.
  8. PUT a spell on the scorpion by MAKING a clay scorpion.
  9. RETELL Grace’s day.

and MORE

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S1E4 - The Hungry Monster

1. May

  • Hi. I am May. I’m a pretty girl.

2. Are you Hungry?

  • Are you hungry? Yes, I am.

3. On a Mat

  • I am on the mat.

4. A Big Red Apple

  • It is a big red apple.

5. Apples and Bananas

  • I like to eat apples and bananas.

6. Where?

  • Where are my eggs? Here.

7. Four Potatoes

  • I have four potatoes.

8. In My Mouth

  • The lollipops are in my mouth.

9. I Like Eating

  • I like eating. Yum, yum!

S2E4 - Grace

1. Grace

  • Hello little children.
  • I’m Grace.
  • This is my candy shop.

2. Are You Hungry?

  • Are you hungry?
  • I’ve got lots of candy in my shop.

3. My Pet Rat

  • What’s that Rat-a-tat? 
  • What would you like?

4. Candies

  • I like this chocolate, but I don’t like this cotton candy.

5. Favorite Colors

  • I like these jelly beans. 
  • My favorite color is red.

6. Money

  • Do you have any money? 
  • You need coins for the sweets.

7. Work

  • Please put the jelly beans in those boxes.

8. The Hungry Monster

  • Where is that hungry monster now?
  • Get off my roof.

9. A Day at the Candy Shop

  • Brother, I don’t want to work. I want to go home.

S3E4 - Grace's Plan

1. An Old Woman

  • Grace was sad because she was old.
  • She didn’t want to be old. 
  • She wanted to be young.

2. At Rapunzel’s Window

  • Grace went to Rapunzel’s bedroom.
  • She saw Rapunzel sleeping in her bed. 
  • Grace took Rapunzel.

3. The Frog Prince

  • Grace saw a prince in front of her house. 
  • She gave him some candy.
  • The prince turned into a frog.

4. An Age Potion

  • First, Grace made an age potion.
  • Next, She drank  95ml (milliliters). 
  • Finally, she kissed the frog for 55 seconds.

5. A New Plan

  • Grace is hiding under Neven’s bedroom window.
  • She doesn’t want him to find Rapunzel.
  • She thinks of a new plan.

6. Cursing the Forest

  • Grace goes to the forest.
  • She puts a spell on the trees.
  • Now the trees are spooky.

7. Cursing the Spiders

  • Next, Grace goes to the spiders.
  • She puts a spell on them.
  • Now they will try to catch Neven.

8. Cursing the Scorpion

  • After that, Grace goes to the giant scorpion.
  • She puts a spell on it.
  • Now it will try to sting Neven.

9. Grace’s Day

  • Grace walks to Rapunzel’s Tower.
  • She set her traps. 
  • She put a spell on the trees, the spiders, and the giant scorpion.

Heir World

EP 4  - Experiences 

  • Picnics
    • Planning a picnic
    • Packing the cooler
    • Packing the car
  • Candy Shops
    • Crosswalks
    • bridges 
    • Safe Vs. More Dangerous Way
    • Stealing
  1. Walking to the candy shop and Emart.
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