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Range and Depth

S1E4 - The Hungry Monster

1. May

  • Hi. I am May. I’m a pretty girl.

2. Sunny Days

  • It is sunny.
  • I like sunny days.

3. Are You Hungry?

  • Are you hungry?
  • Yes, I am.

4. On a Mat

  • I am on the mat.

5. A Big Red Apple

  • It is a big red apple.



6. Apples & Bananas

  • I like to eat apples and bananas.



7. Where?

  • Where are my eggs?
  • Here.

8. Four Potatoes

  • I have four potatoes.



9. In My Mouth

  • The lollipops are in my mouth.


S2E4 - Grace

1. Grace

  • Hello little children.
  • I’m Grace.
  • This is my candy shop.

2. Are You Hungry?

  • Are you hungry?
  • I’ve got lots of candy in my shop.

3. My Pet Rat

  • What’s that Rat-a-tat? 
  • What would you like?

4. Candies

  • I like this chocolate, but I don’t like this cotton candy.

5. Favorite Colors

  • I like these jelly beans. 
  • My favorite color is red.

6. Money

  • Do you have any money? 
  • You need coins for the sweets.

7. Work

  • Please put the jelly beans in those boxes.

8. The Hungry Monster

  • Where is that hungry monster now?
  • Get off my roof.

9. A Day at the Candy Shop

  • Brother, I don’t want to work. I want to go home.

S3E4 - Grace's Plan

1. An Old Woman

  • Grace was sad because she was old.
  • She didn’t want to be old. 
  • She wanted to be young.

2. At Rapunzel’s Window

  • Grace went to Rapunzel’s bedroom.
  • She saw Rapunzel sleeping in her bed. 
  • Grace took Rapunzel.

3. The Frog Prince

  • Grace saw a prince in front of her house. 
  • She gave him some candy.
  • The prince turned into a frog.

4. An Age Potion

  • First, Grace made an age potion.
  • Next, She drank  95ml (milliliters). 
  • Finally, she kissed the frog for 55 seconds.

5. A New Plan

  • Grace is hiding under Neven’s bedroom window.
  • She doesn’t want him to find Rapunzel.
  • She thinks of a new plan.

6. Cursing the Forest

  • Grace goes to the forest.
  • She puts a spell on the trees.
  • Now the trees are spooky.

7. Cursing the Spiders

  • Next, Grace goes to the spiders.
  • She puts a spell on them.
  • Now they will try to catch Neven.

8. Cursing the Scorpion

  • After that, Grace goes to the giant scorpion.
  • She puts a spell on it.
  • Now it will try to sting Neven.

9. Grace’s Day

  • Grace walks to Rapunzel’s Tower.
  • She set her traps. 
  • She put a spell on the trees, the spiders, and the giant scorpion.

Heir World

EP 4  - Experiences 

  • Picnics
    • planning a picnic
    • packing the cooler
    • packing the car
  • Candy Shops
    • crosswalks, sidewalks, bridges 
    • safe Vs. more dangerous way
    • stealing vs. buying
  • Tricky People
    • buy this for me. 
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